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Spanish Verbs

engrandecer to magnify, enlarge, increase
acercar(se) to move closer, bring closer
engendrar to conceive (idea and person)
pertenecer to be owned by, belong to
sobrevenir to happen suddenly, unexpectedly
estorbar to bother, upset, disturb to obstruct, hinder, impede
arrojar to throw, toss
descologar to lower down into, take down (off the wall), pull away from
accarear to lead to, give rise to
infundir to fill with, inspire, arouse
burlar(se) to evade, slip past, outwit to make fun of, mock, ridicule
convertir en transformar en to change
empobrecer to impoverish to make poor
recardar to collect taxes to take in money
tasar to value, to rate
encarecer to raise the price of
desplifarar to squander
deber to have a debt
malgastar to waste
hipotecar to mortgage to put at risk
regatear to haggle
retocar to modify, edit
pegar to paste
aterrizar to land
despegar to take off
hundir(se) to sink
valer to value (vale la pena - worth it)
erir to hurt
herir(se) to wound, injure
arrinconar(se) to bury away, discard (reflexive = to cut yourself off)
suprimir to surpress
vislumbrar to discern, make out
quejar(se) to complain
tumbar(se) to do nothing, relax
emboscar to ambush
contagiar(se) to contract illness
acentuar to pronounce
tener en cuento to keep in mind
llegar a ser to become (shows a progression over time)
convertise en to transform
llevar a cabo to carry through, carry out
tener lugar to take place
girar en torno a to revolve around
derramar to spill, to shed
burlarse to mock, make fun of
agotarse to wither, to run out
entrometerse to meddle in
traicionar to betray
Created by: Unclemutt
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