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-AR -ER -IR - Irregulars Boot and Infinities

hablar to talk
mirar to watch
escuchar to lisen to
practicar to practice
necesitar to need
terminar to end/finish
pintar to paint
preparar to prepare
tomar to take/drink
llevar to wear/bring
estudiar to study
cantar to sing
bailar to dance
trabajar to work
nadar to swim
comprar to buy
tocar to touch/play an instrument
pager to pay (for)
cocinar to cook
llegar to arrive
caminar/andar to walk
viajar to travel
montar (en bici/patineta/en autobús) to ride
pasar to pass
descansar to rest
dibujar to draw
regresar to return
lavar to wash
ayudar to help
desayunar to eat breakfast
cenar to eat dinner
patinar (sobre hielo) to skate
acampar to camp
pescar to fish
cotar to cut
sacar (la basura) to take out (trash)
correr to run
comer to eat
comprender to understand
leer to read
vender to sell
beber to drink
aprender to learn
creer to belive
deber should, or ought to.
vivir to live
abrir to open
ir to go
ir + a + infinitive going to _____
pensar + infinitive to plan to _____
oír to hear
ser to be
estar to be
ver to see
gusta to like
conocer to know (person)
dar to give/take away
hacer to do/make
poner to put/place/set
saber to know (information)
salir to leave/go out
traer to bring
pedir to ask for/request
repetir to repet
seguir to follow/keep on
servir to serve
decir to say/tell
almorzar to eat lunch
contar to count
costar to cost
devolver to return (thing)
dormir to sleep
encontrar to find
morir to die
ponder to be able to/can
recordar to remember
volver to return (person)
jugar to play (game/sport)
cerrar to close
comenzar to start/begin
empezar to start/begin
encender to turn on
entender to understand
pensar to think
perder to lose
preferir to prefer
querer to want/love
recomendar to recomend
sentir to feel
venir to come
tener to have/to be
mucho/poco sueño tired/sleepy
mucho frio cold
mucho calor hot
mucha/poca hambre hungry
mucha/poca sed thirsty
mucha/poca prisa in a hurry
mucho/poco miedo afraid/scared
muchos/pocos años number of years old
que + infinitive to have to _____
muchas/pocas ganas de + infinitive to feel like _____
Created by: michelabergeron
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