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Mythology Notes

Study these cuz they're important for the year :)

Myth Usually a made up story that is sometimes claimed to be true or has such value to a culture that some believe it to be true
Mythology The study of myths
Creation Myth Explain the origins of the world and/or people.
Transformational Myth A person or animal is transformed into something else
Trickster Myth A main character plays tricks and/or breaks rules
Hero Myth Relates the story of a hero- how they were born, what they overcame to be a hero, and often their downfall
Monster Myth Similar to hero myth, this myth tells the story of how and why a monster became so
Gift-Giving Myth The gods tempt someone with a gift. The person given the gift decides how to use it. Their actions usually have cultural implications
Informational/Explanatory Myth Teaches or explains something about a culture
Lesson-Teaching Myth Someone is taught a lesson to showcase or teach good behavior or social norms
Historical Account Myth Gives historical information
Journey Myth Someone goes on a journey to solve a problem or learn a lesson. Sometimes ending up good or bad. Sometimes with Gods
Folktale A story meant to teach a lesson or share cultural information that is/was based in more popular or local culture
Legend A semi-true story that has some important meaning for the culture in which it originates
Fable Short, made up/fictional, simple stories meant to teach a lesson to children
Fairytale Fictional stories that involve magical characters
Anthropomorphism Attributing human characteristics to an animal, god, or other being
Archetype An original that has been imitated many, many times over
Epic Poem A storytelling form in which a story is written in regular meter (rhythm) and rhyme to aid in memorization
Oral Tradition An important part of understanding myth history
Written Tradition Passing of knowledge and/or customs via the written word
Traditional Knowledge The knowledge that has been passed from one generation to the next through either oral or written tradition
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