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APEng: Ls2 Examples

Aquarium Tank that holds water
Aqueous Watery
Artist One who does art
Artful Full of art
Artifact Man-made object
Inert Inactive
Dictation Tell what to write
Dictionary Book of words
Contradict Dispute; deny
Predict Foresee
Edict Command
Duke Leader
Produce Product
Introduction Introduce
Seduce Lead astray
Equation Problem
Inequity Unfair
Equitable Fair
Annul Delete
Nullify Cancel
Nulliparous Infertile
Potential Inner power
Potent Powerful
Omnipotent All-powerful
Impotent Powerless (semenless)
Punch Hit
Puncture Prick
Poignant Emotional
Pungent Strong
Punctilio Detail
Second Next
Consecutive Successive
Sequence Order
Sequel Follow-up
Pursue Follow
Sect Cult; religious group
Obsequies Slavish
Obsequies Funeral
Simultaneous Concurrent
Similar Alike
Facsimile Copy
Assimilate Absorb
Temporary Short-term
Temporal Secular
Extemporaneous Spontaneous
Contemporary Concurrent
Proverb Motto
Verbatim Literally
Adverb Action
Verbose Wordy
Verbiage Wordiness
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