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Lección 1

VOCAB: Pg 4, 39

el alma gemela soul mate
la amistad friendship
el ánimo spirit; mood
el chisme gossip
la cita (de ciegas) (blind) date
el compromiso committment; engagement
el deseo desire
el divorcio divorce
la (in)fidelidad (un)faithfulness
el matriomonio marriage
la pareja couple
el riesgo risk
compartir to share
confiar (en) to trust (in)
contar (o:ue) con to rely on, to count on
coquetear to flirt
dejar a alguien to leave someone
dejar plantad@ to stand (someone) up
discutir to argue
engañar to cheat
ligar to flirt; to hook up
merecer to deserve
romper (con) to break up (with)
salir (con) to go out (with)
enamorarse (de) to fall in love (with)
enojarse to get angry
estar hart@ to be fed up (with); to be sick (of)
llevarse bien/mal/fatal to get along well/badly/terrible
odiar to hate
ponerse pesad@ to become annoying
querer(se) (i:ie) to love (each other); to want
sentir(se) (e:ie) to feel
soñar (o:ue) con to dream about
tener celos (de) to be jealous (of)
tener vergüenza (de) to be ashamed (of)
agobiad@ overwhelmed
ansios@ anxious
celos@ jealous
deprimid@ depressed
disgustad@ upset
emocionad@ excited
enojad@ angry, mad
pasajer@ fleeting
preocupad@ (por) worried about
casarse (con) to get married (to)
divorciarse (de) to get a divorce (from)
casad@ married
divorciad@ divorced
seperad@ separated
solter@ single
vuid@ widowed
cariños@ affectionate
cuidados@ careful
fals@ insecure
genial wonderful
gracios@ funny
inolvidable unforgettable
insegur@ insecure
madur@ mature
mentiros@ lying
orgullos@ proud
segur@ secure; confident
sensible sensitive
tacañ@ cheap; stingy
tempestuoso@ impulsive; stormy
timid@ shy
tranquil@ calm
la época season
la imprenta printer's
liad@ busy
el/la prometid@ fiance
un rato a while
la reseña review
el rompimiento breakup
el/la trotamundos globetrotter
arrepentirse to regret
tener prisa to be in a hurry
reprochar to blame
enhorabuena congratulations
la calidad de vida standard of living
los familiares relatives
el/la inmigrante immigrant
el lazo bond, tie
la patria home country
la red de apoyo support network
la voluntad will
abandonar to leave
ayudarse to help one another
cuidar to take care
emigrar to emigrate
fortalecerse to grow stronger
mudarse to move
por se cuenta on his/her own
el alma soul
el/la amad@ loved one, sweetheart
los celos jealousy
el corazón heart
el olvido forgetfulness, oblivion
el sentimiento feeling
amar(se) to love (each other)
besar to kiss
contentarse (con) to be contented/satisfied (with)
enamorad@ in love
Created by: SpanishAccount33
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