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Sp Verb Present

Spanish verb conjugations present tense

I see veo
he sees ve
we see vemos
I walk ando
he walks anda
we walk andamos
I go (out) salgo
he goes (out) sale
we go (out) salimos
I come vengo
he comes viene
we come venimos
I go voy
He goes va
We go vamos
I have tengo
He has tiene
We have tenemos
I eat como
He eats come
We eat comemos
I study estudio
He studies estudia
We study estudiamos
I sleep duermo
He sleeps duerme
We sleep dormimos
I talk hablo
He talks habla
We talk hablamos
I say digo
He says dice
We say decimos
I do hago
He does hace
We do hacemos
I bring traigo
He brings trae
We bring traemos
I travel viajo
He travels viaja
We travel viajamos
I give doy
He gives da
We give damos
I drink/take tomo
He drinks/takes toma
We drink/take tomamos
I live vivo
he lives vive
We live vivimos
I hope espero
he hopes espera
we hope esperamos
I am (estar) estoy
He is (estar) está
We are (estar) estamos
I am (ser) soy
He is (ser) es
we are (ser) somos
I open abro
He opens abre
We open abrimos
I help ayudo
he helps ayuda
we help ayudamos
I look for busco
He looks for busca
We look for buscamos
I change cambio
he changes cambia
we change cambiamos
I start comienzo
he starts comienza
we start comenzamos
I understand comprendo
He understands comprende
we understand comprendemos
I know/meet conozco
He knows/meets concoce
We know/meet conocemos
I owe debo
he owes debe
we owe debemos
I leave (something) dejo
he leaves (something) deja
we leave (something) dejamos
I find encuentro
he finds encuentra
we find encontramos
I understand entiendo
he understands entiende
we understand entendemos
I write escribo
he writes escribe
we write escribimos
I explain explico
He explains explica
we explain explicamos
I win/earn gano
He wins/earns gana
we win/earn ganamos
I try intento
He tries intenta
We try intentamos
I read leo
he reads lee
we read leemos
I arrive llego
he arrives llega
we arrive llegamos
I take/carry llevo
he takes/carries lleva
we take/carry llevamos
I watch/look at miro
he watches/looks at mira
we watch/look at miramos
I need necesito
he needs necesita
we need necesitamos
it happens ocurre
I pay pago
he pays paga
we pay pagamos
I can (am able to) puedo
He can (is able to) puede
we can (are able to) podemos
I put pongo
he puts pone
we put ponemos
I ask pregunto
he asks pregunta
we ask preguntamos
I stay (am left) quedo
He stays (is left) queda
We stay (are left) quedamos
I want/love quiero
he wants/loves quiere
we want/love queremos
I know/taste
he knows/tastes sabe
we know/taste sabemos
I return vuelvo
he returns vuelve
we return volvemos
Created by: GabesMom
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