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F6 verbos

clasificar to classify/sort
colocar to place/put
dedicar to dedicate/devote
embarcar to embark
explicar to explain
identificar to indentify
indicar to indicate
justificar to justify
plantificar to plan
practicar to practise
provocar to provoke/cause
significar to mean
tocar to play/touch
veriticar to verify/check
buscar to look for
castigar to punish
colgar to hang
delegar to delegate
derogar to abolish
entregar to hand in /deliver
fregar to wash dishes
investigar to investigate
jugar to play
negar to refuse
obligar to oblige/force
pagar to pay
pegar to hot/stick
rogar to request/pray
tragar to swallow
cazar to hunt
empezar to begin
rezar to pray
avanzar to advance
comenzar to start
cruzar to cross
organizar to organise
rechazar to reject
utilizar to use
esperar to wait/hope
pedir to ask
exigir to demand
querer to want
rogar to beg
suplicar to request
desear to wish
insistir en to insist
estar contento/a de to be happy
preferir to prefer
sugerir to suggest
no creer que not believe that
no estar convencido/a de que not be convinced
no estar seguro/a not be sure that
no imaginarse que not imagine that
no parecer que not seem that
no parecer que not appear that
no pensar que not think that
no suponer que not suppose that
temer que fear that
negar que deny that
dudar que doubt that
Created by: SrtaWilmot
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