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H+ hydrogen ion
Li lithium
Li+ lithium ion
Na sodium
Na+ sodium ion
K potassium
K+ potassium ion
Rb rubidium
Rb+ rubidium ion
Cs cesium
Cs+ cesium ion
Be beryllium
Be2+ beryllium ion
Mg magnesium
Mg2+ magnesium ion
Ca calcium
Ca2+ calcium ion
Sr strontium
Sr2+ strontium ion
Ba barium
Ba2+ barium ion
Al aluminum
Al3+ aluminum ion
Ag silver
Ag+ silver ion
Zn zinc
Zn2+ zinc ion
Cd cadmium
Cd2+ cadmium ion
Sc scandium
Sc3+ scandium ion
Ga gallium
Ga3+ gallium ion
Ti titanium
Ti3+ titanium(III) ion titanous ion
Ti4+ titanium(IV) ion titanic ion
V vanadium
V3+ vanadium(III) ion vanadous ion
V5+ vanadium(V) ion vanadic ion
Cr chromium
Cr2+ chromium(II) ion chromous ion
Cr3+ chromium(III) ion chromic ion
Mn manganese
Mn2+ manganese(II) ion manganous ion
Mn3+ manganese(III)ion manganic ion
Fe iron
Fe2+ iron(II) ion ferrous ion
Fe3+ iron(III) ion ferric ion
Co cobalt
Co2+ cobalt(II) ion cobaltous ion
Co3+ cobalt(III) ion cobaltic ion
Ni nickel
Ni2+ nickel(II) ion nickelous ion
Ni3+ nickel(III) ion nickelic ion
Cu copper (cuprum)
Cu+ copper(I) ion cuprous ion
Cu2+ copper(II) ion cupric ion
Au gold (aurum)
Au+ gold(I) ion aurous ion
Au3+ gold(III) ion auric ion
Hg mercury
Hg2^2+ mercury(I) ion mercurous ion
Hg2+ mercury(II) ion mercuric ion
Sn tin
Sn2+ tin(II) ion stannous ion
Sn4+ tin(IV) ion stannic ion
Pb lead
Pb2+ lead(II) ion plumbous ion
Pb4+ lead(IV) ion plumbic ion
Sb antimony
Sb3+ antimony(III) ion antimonous ion
Sb5+ antimony(V) ion antimonic ion
Bi bismuth
Bi3+ bismuth(III) ion bismuthous ion
Bi5+ bismuth(V) ion bismuthic ion
NH4+ ammonium ion
H hydrogen
hydride ion
F fluorine
fluoride ion
HF(aq) hydrofluoric acid
Cl chlorine
Clˉ chloride ion
HCl(aq) hydrochloric acid
Br bromine
Brˉ bromide ion
HBr(aq) hydrobromic acid
I iodine
iodide ion
HI(aq) hydroiodic acid
O oxygen
O2- oxide ion
S sulfur
S2- sulfide ion
H2S(aq) hydrosulfuric acid
N nitrogen
N3- nitride ion
P phosphorus
P3- phosphide ion
CNˉ cyanide ion
HCN(aq) hydrocyanic acid
OHˉ hydroxide ion
O2^2- peroxide ion
NO2ˉ nitrite ion
HNO2(aq) nitrous acid
NO3ˉ nitrate ion
HNO3(aq) nitric acid
CO3^2- carbonate ion
HCO3ˉ hydrogen carbonate ion
H2CO3(aq) carbonic acid
SO3^2- sulfite ion
HSO3ˉ hydrogen sulfite ion
H2SO3(aq) sulfurous acid
SO4^2- sulfate ion
HSO4ˉ hydrogen sulfate ion
H2SO4(aq) sulfuric acid
PO3^3- phosphite ion
HPO3^2- hydrogen phosphite ion
H2PO3ˉ dihydrogen phosphite ion
H3PO3(aq) phosphorous acid
PO4^3- phosphate ion
HPO42- hydrogen phosphate ion
H2PO4ˉ dihydrogen phosphate ion
H3PO4(aq) phosphoric acid
ClOˉ hypochlorite ion
HClO(aq) hypochlorous acid
ClO2ˉ chlorite ion
HClO2(aq) chlorous acid
ClO3ˉ chlorate ion
HClO3(aq) chloric acid
ClO4ˉ perchlorate ion
HClO4(aq) perchloric acid
BrOˉ hypobromite ion
HBrO(aq) hypobromous acid
BrO2ˉ bromite ion
HBrO2(aq) bromous acid
BrO3ˉ bromate ion
HBrO3(aq) bromic acid
BrO4ˉ perbromate ion
HBrO4(aq) perbromic acid
IOˉ hypoiodite ion
HIO(aq) hypoiodous acid
IO2ˉ iodite ion
HIO2(aq) iodous acid
IO3ˉ iodate ion
HIO3(aq) iodic acid
IO4ˉ periodate ion
HIO4(aq) periodic acid
MnO4ˉ permanganate ion
HMnO4(aq) permanganic acid
CrO42- chromate ion
H2CrO4(aq) chromic acid
Cr2O72- dichromate ion
H2Cr2O7(aq) dichromic acid
HCO2ˉ formate ion
HCO2H(aq) formic acid
C2H3O2ˉ acetate ion
HC2H3O2(aq) acetic acid
CH4 methane
C2H6 ethane
C2H4 ethene
C2H2 ethyne
C3H8 propane
C3H6 propene
C3H4 propyne
C4H10 butane
C4H8 butene
C4H6 butyne
C5H12 pentane
C5H10 pentene
C5H8 pentyne
C6H14 hexane
C6H12 hexene
C6H10 hexyne
C7H16 heptane
C7H14 heptene
C7H12 heptyne
C8H18 octane
C8H16 octene
C8H14 octyne
C9H20 nonane
C9H18 nonene
C9H16 nonyne
C10H22 decane
C10H20 decene
C10H18 decyne
CH3OH methanol
CH3NH2 methylamine
HCO2H methanoic acid
C2H5OH ethanol
C2H5NH2 ethylamine
CH3CO2H ethanoic acid
C3H7OH propanol
C3H7NH2 propylamine
C2H5CO2H propanoic acid
C4H9OH butanol
C4H9NH2 butylamine
C3H7CO2H butanoic acid
C5H11OH pentanol
C5H11NH2 pentylamine
C4H9CO2H pentanoic acid
C6H13OH hexanol
C6H13NH2 hexylamine
C5H11CO2H hexanoic acid
C7H15OH heptanol
C7H15NH2 heptylamine
C6H13CO2H heptanoic acid
C8H17OH octanol
C8H17NH2 octylamine
C7H15CO2H octanoic acid
C9H19OH nonanol
C9H19NH2 nonylamine
C8H17CO2H nonanoic acid
C10H21OH decanol
C10H21NH2 decylamine
C9H19CO2H decanoic acid
H hydrogen
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