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Maravillas Vocab II

Volume 2 vocab

abandonando/a adj. neglected, abandoned
aburrir / aburrido v. to bore / bored
acabar de hacer algo v. to have just done something
acampar v. to camp
acerca de prep. about
acompañar v. to go with, accompany
acta, el sust. minutes
adentro inside
afortunadamente adv. unfortunately
afuera adv. outside
àgil adj. agile, sharp, fluent
agradecer v. to thank / be grateful for
ahogarse v. to drown
ahorrar v. to save
alejarse v. to move / walk away
al frente de pre. in front of
algo pron. ind. something
al otro lado adv. on the other side
amable adj. kind
ambiente sust. environment
amplio/a adj. wide
amputar v. to amputate
anmiar v. to liven aminaron la fiesta
ansiedad, la sust. anxiety
antiguo/a adj. ancient / old
apagar a turn off
apasionar v. to get excited
apoyar v. to support
apreciado/a adj. appreciated
armar v. to assemble / set up
asado, el barbecue
asesinar to murder
asombroso/a amazing / suprising
averiguar to find out
avisar to say / tell / let someone know something
bajo presión under pressure
bienestar wellbeing
bonito/a pretty
botiquín first aid kit
bragas panties
bronceado/a tanned
búsqueda, la search
caballero gentleman
campo countryside
candela, la candle, fire
carpa tent
celebrar to celebrate
cierta/o true
cita appointment
cloro, el chlorine
cómo no! of course!
cómodo/a comfortable
compañero coworker
convencido/a sure, convinced of
culpable el/la to be guilty
dar meido to frighten las alturas me dan miedo - I'm scared of heights
darse cuenta to realize
darse la vuelta to turn around
debajo underneath
debido due to, because of
decepción dissappointment
de hecho in fact
dejar (de) to stop (doing something)
decontento unhappy
deseo el to desire, wish
desfile parade
despejado/a clear
detener to arrest
devolver to give back
dirigir to manage, run
diseñar to design
disfrutar to enjoy
divino/a nice, beautiful
doler hurt
dolor pain
durar to last
echar to pour
edad, la age
embotellamiento, el traffic jam
empacar to pack
empleo job
encima above
enojado/a angry
entregar to hand/give over
entretendio/a entertaining, enjoyable
entusiasmarse (con) to get excited about
envidia, la (tender envidia) to envy, to have envy
equilibrio balance
equipaje luggage
espejo mirror
esquiar to ski
estado mental, el state of mind
estar a savlo to be safe
estar de acuerdo (con) to agree (with)
estar de tu lado to agree with you, be with you in something
estar en desacuerdo to disagree
estresante stressful
excursión tour
exigente demanding
exhausto/a exhausting
extranjero/a forgeign
extraviado/a lost, misled
falta lack
feche date
festejar to celebrate
fila line
fortisimo really strong
frontera bounds, border
fundar to found
galleta, la cookie
gastar to play a joke - gastar una bruma
gemelo/a twin
golpearse to bump, bump into
grave serious
guapo/a handsome/pretty
gusto pleasure
hacha axe
hace ago
hallar to find/find out
hazaña achievement
honrado/a honest
horario schedule
hueco hole
huir to flee, run away
igualdad, la equality, igualdad de oportunidades
imaginar to imagine
imortar to matter, be important
incidir to affect, influence
incierto/a uncertain
inesperado/a unexpected
iniciar to start/initiate
insolarse to get sunburnt
inolvidable unforgetable
intenso/a heavy, intense
invertir to invest
jamás never
jubilarse to retire
jugete toy
junto a next to
juntos/as together
juzgar to judge
ladrar to bark
lamentablemente unfortunately
lana wool
lástima, la que lastima! what a shame!
lejos really far
linterna flashlight, lamp
lograr to achieve
lúgubre gloomy, mournful
llanto crying
llorar to cry
lloviznar to drizzle
llover to rain
lluvia rain
madera, la wood
maestria master's degree
maldición curse
maleta suitecase
mascota pet
mayores, los adults
medio tiempo half time
menor younger
mente arboreta open mind
mantender to keep, maintain
lengua tongue
menores younger ones
mejor better
medirse to try on, measure
meintras while
misterioso/a mysterious
mojar(se) wet, to get wet
monte jungle/woods
motivo reason, cause
muro wall
nacer to be born
nadie nobody, no one
natación swimming
navidad chirstmas
nevar snow
neblina mist
nerviosimo / vervioso nervousness, nervous
nieve snow
niñez childhood
notar to notice
noticia/as news
nube cloud
nunca never
paradero de buses bus stop
obra work of art
ocupadísimo very busy
orden del dia agenda
pasar to spend
párrafo paragraph
paseo a walk, trip
pasto lawn/grass
patio backyard
pedir authorización to request authorization
peludo/a hairy
peor worse - el/pa peor = the worst
perderse to get lost
pesadilla nightmare
pista clue
por fortuna fortunately
portada front cover (magazine)
poseer own
preocupado/a worried
prestar atención pay attention to
prioridad priority
pendientes earings
probar try on
probador fitting room
proyecto project
provisiones provisions
quedarse to stay
que horror how awful
rama branch
rápidimente quickly
reciente recent
recientemente recently
recorrer to travel through, cross
recoger to pick up, gather
reírse to laugh
repente suddenly
resbalar to slip, slide
retomar to take up again
ronquido snore
ruido noise
ruina ruin
rutina routine
salir de paseo go for a walk
sandalias sandals
siguiente next, following
sin embargo however, nevertheless
sino but
sitio place, site
sonar to ring
sorpresa surprise
subir to go up
talla size
telar, el to loom
tener cuidado to be careful
tronar thunder
últimamente recently
vagar (por) to wander
valiente brave
valiosísima very valuable
vela candle
alguna vez / cada vez sometimes / all the time
ya already
desde since
hasta until
de from
a to
durante through
hay there is / are
había there was / were
tal such "y tal"= and such
acá here (over there)
aqui here
allá there
algo something
algien someone
aún even (even though)
aún que even though
demás others
ningún none
cuán as
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