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FLS 102 Salud VP2

la sala de emergencia emergency room
tener mareos to be dizzy
tener fiebre to have a fever
la (el) enfermera(o) nurse
el (la) médico(a) doctor
tomarle la temperatura (a alguien) to take (someone's) temperature
el (la) paciente patient
examinar to examine
la sala de espera waiting room
estar congestionado(a) to be congested
tener dolor de cabeza to have a headache
tener náuseas to feel nauseous
tener escalofríos to have chills
estornudar to sneeze
toser / tener tos to cough / to have a cough
el jarabe cough syrup
la aspirina aspirin
el antibiótico antibiotic
la medicina medicine
la receta prescription
la pastilla pill
la farmacia pharmacy
la alergia allergy
el catarro cold
la enfermedad illness
el resfrío cold
doler (ue) (a alguien) to be painful (to someone); to hurt
enfermarse to get sick
estar enfermo(a) to be sick
estar resfriado(a) to have a cold
guardar cama to stay in bed
resfriarse to catch a cold
sentirse (bien/mal) to feel (good/ill)
tener gripe to have the flu
mareado sick
Created by: meg.minor.15