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Variables & Pattern


Change To become difference.For ex temperature rise and fall. prices increase and decrease and so on. in mathematics, quantities that change are called variables
Coordinate Grid A graphical representation of pairs of related values that show the relationship between two variables. It relates the independent(shown on the x-axis) and the dependent variable (shown on the y-axis)
Coordinate Pair An ordered pair of numbers used to locate a point on a coordinate grid. the first number in a coordinate pair is the value of the x- coordinate, and the second number in the value for the y-coordinate pair for the graph shown above is (0,60)
Dependent Variable One of the two variables in a relationship. Its value depends upon or is determined by the other variable called the independent variable. For ex, the cost of a long-distance phone call (dependant variable) depends on how long you talk independant variabl
Equation, formula A rule containing variables that represents a mathematical relationship.
Independent variable One of two variables in a relationship. Its value determines the value of the other variable called the dependent variable. If you organize a bike tour, for ex the number of people who register to go (independant variable) determenies the cost for rentin
Pattern A change that occurs in a predictable way. For ex, the squares on a checkerboard form a pattern in which the color of the square of the square alternate between red and black. The sequence in which the numbers increase by the next odd number. That is 4 is
Range in value values for variables that makes scene for the data being considered
Relationship An association between two or more variables.If one of the variables change, the other variables may also change, and the change may be predictable
Rule A summary of a predictable relationship that tells how to find the value of a variable. A rule may be given in words or as and equation. For ex, this rule relates time,rate,and distance: distance is equal to rate times time, or d = rt
Scale A labeling scheme used on each used on each of the axes on a coordinate grid.
Table a list of values for two or more variables that shows the relationship between them. tables often represent data made from observations, from experiments, or from a series of arithmetic operations. A table may show a pattern of change between two variable
Variable A quantity that can change. Letters are often used as symbols to represent variables in rules or equations that describe patterns.
Stmbolic form anything written for two or more expressed though the use of symbols.
x-axis the number line that is horizontal on a coordinate gird
y-axis the number line that is vertical of the coordinate gird
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