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CD Vocab

Unit 1 Vocabulary

TermDefinitionSentence Usage with Terms
Aptitude A natural ability or potential for learning new skills. I have the aptitude to learn how to get a better job.
Attitude A person's outlook on life, usually positive or negative. I have a weird attitude when it comes to playing a game.
Interest A thing a person enjoys doing or thinking about. An interest I have is playing soccer.
Learning Style A natural method or way one thinks or learns. Everyone has a unique learning style.
Life Style Typical way of life. The lifestyle I want is different from others.
Personality The combination of attitude, values, interests, and behaviors that identify a person. I have a different personality outside of school.
Respect Consideration, especially for others. Everyone has to respect each other in school, so it's easier to learn
Self Concept The way in which a person views his or her self-worth. I have self concept when it comes to learning in schools.
Self Esteem Recognition and regard for oneself and ones abilities. People can build self esteem in many ways.
Skill The ability to perform a certain activity well. I have a skill to have a conversation with someone easily.
Values Personal standards by which one lives. The values of Oakdale are very different than any other school
Work Environment The surroundings and conditions of your workplace. The work environment in class is safer than learning outside.
Working Conditions The environment of the workplace. The working conditions for construction workers is very harsh sometimes.
Ability A skill that has been developed Everyone will learn the ability to swim one day.
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