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Lesson 36


• Ja živim u Beogradu I live in Belgrade
Koja je tvoja adresa What is your addresss
Moja adresa je Jurija Gargarina broj 46 My address is Juria Gargarina number 46
Koji je tvoj broj telefona? What is your telephone number
Moj broj telefona 381695443345 My telephone number is
Koliko imaš godina How old are you
Ja imam 63 godine I am 63 years old
Kada si rođen when were you born?
Koji je tvoj datum rođenja Whats your birth date?
Ja sam rođen jedanaestog avgusta 1956 (hiljadu devetsto pedeset šeste) 08/11/1956
Da li si oženjen ili slobodan are you married or single
Oženjen married for a man
Udata merried for a woman
Da li imaš decu Do you have children
Da, imam jednu ćerku yes I have one daughter
Kako se ona zove What is her name
Ona se zove Ela her name is Ella
Koliko ona ima godina how old is she
Ona ima 8 godina she is eight years old
Kako se zove tvoja žena? What your wife's name
Ona se zove Tanja. Her name is Tanja
Šta si ti po profesiji? what is your profession
Ja sam penzioner. I am retired
Šta je Tanja po profesiji? What is Tanja profession
Ona je arhitekta. she is an architect
Pored next to
Između between
Ovde sam I am here
Jedan čovek ima novac, drugi čovek nema novac one man has money the other no money
Šta vidiš? what do you see
Mačka cat
cveće- flowers
jastuk - pillow
Tepih carpet
Created by: CRCONLEY
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