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English 12

Study guide for unit one test

the languages of people or nationalities tongues
the branch of linguistics dealing with word order syntax
the branch of linguistics dealing with meaning semantics
the branch of linguistics dealing with speech sounds phonetics
communication that doesn't use words nonverbal
the branch of linguistics dealing with the study of word forms and their origins morphology
the form of verb to indicate fact, doubt, command, etc mood
having to do with language or the study of languages linguistics
a person who studies the history and structure of language linguist
a form of a verb not inflected for person or number and commonly proceed by to infinitive
a verb form that denotes a state or happening as actual indicative
a phrase or expression whose meaning cannot be understood in the ordinary sense idiom
a period of pronunciation changes in english, particularly the changing of vowels to diphthongs great vowel shift
to leave one's own country to live in another emigrate
something that completes complement
a noun that names a group of people, places, or things, such as team or herd collective noun
poet of fourteenth- century England Chaucer
ancient people of the british Isles celts
the people or language of ancient England Briton
study cities, artifacts, and customs of the ancient world archeology
method for forming degrees of comparison by using the adverbs more and most analytic
what kind of relationship is this? archaeologist:artifacts person and what she looks for
solve the analogy. archaeologist:artifacts::linguist:______ language
True or false. One-fourth of our English words have a Germanic origin. true
true or false. Indo-European is a family of languages. true
true or false Latin is a Germanic language. false
true or false. About half the world's population speaks a language that is part of the Indo-European family. true
true or false. The Great Vowel Shift made English spellings more complicated. true
French became a major part of the language of the British Isles after _____. the norman invasion
Why was Chaucer important to the development of English? He established English as a language worth writing in.
The only one of its kind unique
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