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New spanish words

Platicar To speak / to talk
Apestar To reek/ to stink up
Encoñamiento Infatuation, whim
Ficha Index card, game piece
Puñalada To stab/ stab wound, a stab in the back, a terrible blow
Acuchillar / apuñalar To stab
Prisa Rush / hurry
Colada Laundry
Lacra Blot, blight, Mark
Temer To be afraid of/ to fear
Frenar To break, slow down, to turn
Alocar To drive crazy
Plantada To plant or to stand up / to ditch
Arrancar To pull out / to extract / to uproot
El infarto the heart attack
Contratiempo Setback
Delito Crime / offense
Invertida Inverted (slur toward gay ppl)
Lirar To wrap, to roll, to tie up
Chota Snitch / tattletale
Hundir To sink / destroy
El rombo Rombus
Chantaje/ chantajear Blackmail / to blackmail
Despreciar To depreciate
Vicio Vice , bad habit, defect
Portada Cover / title page
Ilusión Hope / illusion
Decepcionada Disappointed
Las sábanas Sheets
Agotado Exaughsted
Involucrado Involved / implicated
Voluntario Voluntary
El reclamo / la queja The complaint
Quejarse To complain
Preocupación Worry
Contactar con To contact / to get in contact with
Consentimiento Consent
Acceder / consentir en To consent to
Adjunto Assistant
Ayudante Assistant helper
Averiguar To find out
Elegible Elegible
Raza Race (as in skin)
La vocal / el vocálico Vowel (adj vowel )
Ebrio Intoxicated
El/la prisonero/a el/la preso Prisoner
Cooperar Cooperate
Cachudo Suspicious (southern cone) wealthy (Colombia) devil like(Mexico)
Huerta Produce farm (garden)
Frigorífico (Spain) La nerva Fridge
Arrepentir To regret
Testigo Witness
Borrador Draft
La pasantía Internship
Encabezado Headed
Encabezar To head / to lead
Lesionado Injured
La portería The goal
Created by: Cowboybaby