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Spanurbate Ongoing

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el amigo | la amiga the male friend, the friend | the female friend (m. | f.)
los amigos | las amigas the male friends, the friends | the female friends (m. |f.)
el banco the bank (m. only)
los bancos the banks (m. only)
el baño the bathroom (m. only)
los baños the bathrooms (m. only)
el carro the car (m. only)
los carros the cars (m. only)
el gato | la gata the boy cat, the cat | the girl cat (m. | f.)
los gatos | las gatas the boy cats, the cats | the girl cats (m. | f.)
el hermano | la hermana the brother | the sister (m. | f.)
los hermanos | las hermanas the brothers, the siblings | the sisters (m. | f.)
el libro the book (m. only)
los libros the books (m. only)
el muchacho | la muchacha the boy | the girl (m. | f.)
los muchachos | las muchachas the boys | the girls (m. | f.)
el niño | la niña the boy (child), the little boy, the child | the girl (child), the little girl (m. | f.)
los niños | las niñas the boys (child), the little boys, the children | the girls (child), the little girls (m. | f.)
el perro | la perra the boy dog, the dog | the girl dog
los perros | las perras the boy dogs, the dogs | the girl dogs
el teléfono the telephone (m. only)
los teléfonos the telephones (m. only)
el hermano | la hermana the brother | the sister (m. | f.)
los hermanos | las hermanas the brothers, the siblings | the sisters (m. | f.)
el vino the wine (m. only)
los vinos the wines (m. only)
el animal the animal (m. only)
los animales the animals (m. only)
el café the coffee (m. only)
los cafés the coffees (m. only)
el doctor | la doctora the male doctor | the female doctor (m. | f.)
los doctores | las doctoras the male doctors | the female doctors (m. | f.)
el hombre | la mujer the man | the woman (m. | f.)
los hombres | las mujeres the men | the women (m. | f.)
el hospital the hospital (m. only)
los hospitales the hospitals (m. only)
el hotel the hotel (m. only)
los hoteles the hotels (m. only)
el tomate the tomato (m. only)
los tomates the tomatoes (m. only)
el amigote | la amigote the crony, the bro/bruh (m. | f.)
los amigotes | las amigotes the cronies, the bro/bruh (m. | f.)
el camarada | la camarada the comrade, the school friend (m. | f.)
el camaradas | la camaradas the comrades, the school friends (m. | f.)
el colega | la colega the colleague, the co-worker, the counterpart, the opposite number (m. | f.)
los colega | la colega the colleague, the co-worker, the counterpart, the opposite number (m. | f.) (singular-only)
el compa | la compa the buddy, the mate, the pal (m. | f.)
los compas | las compas the buddies, the mates, the pals (m. | f.)
el compadre / el padrino | la comadre / the religious friend who is your child's godfather / godfather | the religious friend who is your child's godmother / godmother (m. | f.)
los compadres / los padrines | las comadres / las padrines the religious friends who are your child's godfathers / godfathers | the religious friends who are your child's godmothers / godmothers (m. | f.)
el compañero | la compañera the male companion, the male partner | the female companion, the female partner (m. | f.)
los compañeros | las compañeras the male companions, the male partners | the female companions, the female partners (m. | f.)
el cónyuge | la cónyuge the male spouse | the female spouse (m. | f.)
los cónyuges the married couple, the spouses (m. only)
el novio | la novia the boyfriend, the groom, the bridegroom, the fiancé, the male lover | the girlfriend, the bride, the fiancée, the female lover (m. | f.)
los novios the couple, the engaged couple, the bride and groom (m. only)
el compinche | la compinche the male partner in crime, the male confederate | the female partner in crime, the female confederate (m. | f.)
los compinche | las compinches the male partners in crime, the male confederates | the female partners in crime, the female confederates (m. | f.)
mi querido | mi querida the man I want | the female I want (m. | f.)
mis queridos | mis queridas the men I want | the females I want (m. | f.)
el socio | la socio the male member of a business or organization | the female member of a business or organization (m. | f.)
el cómplice | la cómplice the male accomplice in crime | the female accomplice in crime (m. | f.)
los cómplices | las cómplices the male accomplices in crime | the female accomplices in crime (m. | f.)
el enemigo | la enemiga the male enemy | the female enemy (m. | f.)
los enemigos | las enemigas the male enemies | the female enemies (m. | f.)
el bestia | la bestia the beast, the male beast | the female beast (m. | f.)
los bestias | las bestias the beasts, the male beasts | the female beasts (m. | f.)
el ser the life, the being (m. only) (singular only)
la criatura the creature (f. only)
las criaturas the creatures (f. only)
el ganado the livestock (m. only) (singular only)
el mamífero the mammal (m. only)
los mamíferos the mammals(m. only)
la fauna the wildlife (f. only) (singular only)
el clima the climate (m. only)
los climas the climates (m. only)
los climas the climates (m. only)
el día the day (m. only)
los días the days (m. only)
el drama the drama (m. only)
los dramas the dramas (m. only)
el idioma the language (m. only)
los idiomas the languages (m. only)
el mapa the map (m. only)
los mapas the maps (m. only)
el planeta the planet (m. only)
los planetas the planets (m. only)
el poema the poem (m. only)
los poemas the poems (m. only)
el problema the problem (m. only)
los problemas the problems (m. only)
el programa the program (m. only)
los programas the programs (m. only)
el tren the train (m. only)
el trens the trains (m. only)
el sistema the system (m. only)
los sistemas the systems (m. only)
la blusa the blouse (f. only)
las blusas the blouses (f. only)
el bolso | la bolsa the bag (m. | f.)
los bolsos | las bolsas the bags (m. | f.)
el bulto the bookbag (m. only)
los bultos the bookbags (m. only)
la cartera the wallet, the billfold, the purse, the handbag, the briefcase, the portfolio, the satchel, the schoolbag, the portfolio (f. only)
las carteras the wallets, the billfolds, the purses, the handbags, the briefcases, the portfolios, the satchels, the schoolbags, the portfolios (f. only)
el monedero the change purse (m. only)
los monenderos the change purses (m. only)
el morral the haversack, the satchel, the pouch, the game bag, the nosebag (m. only)
los morrales the haversacks, the satchels, the pouches, the game bags, the nosebags (m. only)
el costal | la saca the sacks (m. | f.)
los costales | las sacas the sacks (m. | f.)
el talego the long sack, the duffel bag (m. only)
los talegos the long sacks, the duffel bags (m. only)
la alforja the saddlebag, the knapsack (f. only)
las alforjas the saddlebags, the knapsacks (f. only)
el bolsillo the small pouch (m. only)
los bolsillos the small pouches (m. only)
el estuche the case, the jewelry box (m. only)
los estuches the cases, the jewelry boxes (m. only)
la mochila the backpack, the rucksack, the pack (f. only)
las mochilas the backpack, the rucksack, the pack (f. only)
la valija the suitcase, the case, the mailbag (f. only)
las valijas the suitcases, the cases, the mailbags (f. only)
el zurrón the bag (m. only)
los zurrónes the bags (m. only)
el lecho | la cama the bed (m. | f.)
los lechos | las camas the beds (m. | f.)
el camastro the rickety old bed, the ramshackle bed, the deck chair, the sun lounger (m. only)
los camastros the rickety old beds, the ramshackle beds, the deck chairs, the sun loungers (m. only)
el catre the cot, the camp bed, the folding bed (m. only)
los catres the cots, the camp beds, the folding beds (m. only)
la cuna the cradle, the crib, the cot (f. only)
las cunas the cradles, the cribs, the cots (f. only)
la camita the small bed, the little bed (f. only)
las camitas the small beds, the little beds (f. only)
el moisés the Moses basket, the cradle, the bassinet, the carrycot (m. only)
los moiséses the Moses baskets, the cradles, the bassinets, the carrycots (m. only)
el coy | la hamaca the hammock | the hammock, the deck chair, the rocking chair, the swing, the sunlounger (m. | f.)
los coyes | las hamacas the hammocks| the hammocks, the deck chairs, the rocking chairs, the swings, the sunloungers (m. | f.)
la litera the bunk, the bunk bed, the couchette (f. only)
las literas the bunks, the bunk beds, the couchettes (f. only)
la casa the house (f. only)
las casas the houses (f. only)
el domicilio the domicile, the address (m. only)
los domicilios the domiciles, the addresses (m. only)
el hogar the home, the household, the shelter (m. only)
los hogares the homes, the households, the shelters (m. only)
el techo the place (m. only)
los techos the place (m. only)
la morada the dwelling, the abode (f. only)
la morada the dwelling, the abode (f. only)
la residencia the residence, the home, the boarding house, the guest house, the nursing home, the dormitory, the hall of residence, the quarters
las residencias the residences, the homes, the boarding houses, the guest houses, the nursing homes, the dormitories, the halls of residences, the quarters
la quinta the country house (f. only)
las quintas the country houses (f. only)
la masía the country house (f. only)
la masías the country houses (f. only)
el predio the property, the premises, the building (m. only)
los predios the property, the premises, the buildings (m. only)
el chalet the house, the detached house, the cottage, the chalet, the terraced house, the bungalow, the clubouse (m. only)
los chaletes the house, the detached house, the cottage, the chalet, the terraced house, the bungalow, the clubouse (m. only)
la palacete the mansion, the small palace (m. only)
las palacetes the mansions, the small palaces (m. only)
la vivienda the house, the home, the dwelling (f. only)
las viviendas the houses, the homes, the dwellings (f. only)
la albergue the shelter, the refuge, the accommodation, the lodging, the hostel, the mountain hut, the lair, the den (m. only)
las albergues the shelters, the refuges, the accommodations, the lodgings, the hostels, the mountain huts, the lairs, the dens (m. only)
la mansión the mansion (f. only)
las mansións the mansions (f. only)
el piso the apartment, the flat (m. only)
los pisos the apartments, the flats (m. only)
el apartamento the apartment, the flat, the small apartment, the small flat (m. only)
los apartamentos the apartments, the flats, the small apartments, the small flats (m. only)
la cerveza the beer (f. only)
las cervezas the beers (f. only)
el alimento | la comida the food, the nourishment, the fuel | the food, the meal (f. only)
los alimentos | las comidas the food, the nourishment, the fuel | the food, the meals (f. only)
la alimentación the food, the diet, the feeding, the supply (f. only)
las alimentaciónes the food, the diets, the feedings, the supplies (f. only)
los comestibles the groceries, the edibles, the foodstuffs, (m. only) (plural only)
la vianda the bag lunch, the brown bag lunch, the packed lunch, the lunch box, the dinner pail, the food (m. only)
las viandas the bag lunches, the brown bag lunches, the packed lunches, the lunch boxes, the dinner pails, the food (f. only)
el pienso the pet food, the feed, the dry kibble, the fodder (m. only)
los piensos the pet food, the feed, the dry kibble, the fodder (m. only)
el yantar the fare, the food (m. only)
los yantares the fares, the food (m. only)
la inglesia the church, the minster, the kirk (f. only)
las inglesias the churches, the minsters , the kirk (f. only)
la sinagoga the synagogue (f. only)
las sinagogas the synagogues (f. only)
el templo the temple, the tabernacle, the non-Christian church, the mosque, the meeting house, (m. only)
los templos the temples, the tabernacles, the non-Christian churches, the mosques, the meeting houses (m. only)
la mezquita the mosque (f. only)
las mezquitas the mosques (f. only)
el monasterio the monastery (m. only)
los monasterios the monasteries (m. only)
la basilica the Basilica (f. only)
las basilicas the Basilicas (f. only)
la catedral the cathedral, the minster (f. only)
las catedrales the cathedrals, the minster (f. only)
la capilla the chapel (f. only)
las capillas the chapels (f. only)
la abadía the abbey (f. only)
las abadías the abbeys (f. only)
la lámpara the lamp, the light, the light bulb (f. only)
las lámparas the lamps, the lights, the light bulbs (f. only)
la araña the chandelier (f. only)
las arañas the chandeliers (f. only)
la linterna the lantern, the flashlight, the torch, the lamp (f. only)
las linternas the lanterns, the flashlights, the torches, the lamps (f. only)
la tea the torch (f. only)
las teas the torches (f. only)
la luminaria the decorative light, the altar lamp, the luminary (f. only)
las luminarias the decorative lights, the altar lamps, the luminaries (f. only)
el farolito the small lantern, the small lamp (m. only)
los farolitos the small lanterns, the small lamps (m. only)
el quinqué the oil lamp (m. only)
los quinqués the oil lamps (m. only)
la mesa the table, the desk (f. only)
las mesas the tables, the desks (f. only)
la tabla the counter, the narrow table, the long table (f. only)
las tablas the counters, the narrow tables, the long tables (f. only)
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