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English 10 Vocab

Recalcitrant Speaking of stubborn mules; derives from calcitrare meaning “to kick”; stubbornly resistant to authority
Obdurate Connotes hardened against feelings or hard hearted; the Latin root means “to harden”
Fractious Unruly; troublemaker; suggests an unwillingness to respect authority; “peevish”, “cranky”
Refractory Stubbornly resistant to authority; the noun form “refractoriness” has to do with the bending of a sound or light wave
Intractable Difficult to manage or govern; often apply to children or adults behaving as such
Obstreperous To make noise against; make no bones about their obduracy; derives from the Latin word meaning “to make a noise against“
Intransigent Not to come to an agreement; stubbornly uncompromising
Dogged Alluding to the personality of certain dog breeds meaning stubbornly persevering, often against all odds
Dogmatic Stubbornly asserts an opinion that is unproven or unprovable; comes from the Greek word meaning “opinion”
Resolute Bold and determined
Undaunted Not discouraged or disheartened
Intrepid Fearlessly brave
Audacity Recklessly daring
Restive Resist Control
Fortitude Strength of mind to endure pain with courage
Brazen Undergo adversity with bold self-assurance
Temerity Foolish disregard for danger
Iconoclastic Seeks overthrow authority
Cheeky Impudently bold
Decorum Pleasing “appropriateness” for any one social group
Finesse Refinement and subtlety in a situation
Seemly Appropriate behavior; accepted rules of conduct
Protocol Code of expected social behavior
Gaffe Awkward social blunder
Propriety Observation of existing social norms
Boor Socially clueless with rude or nonexistent manners
Churl Bad disposition
Nuance Subtle variation
Savoir faire To know what to do
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