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Vocabulary Unit 1

Chapters 1-5

Acknowledge To admit or confess
Dialog A conversation; the conversation between characters in a story, novel, or play
Delete To cross out or erase
Endorse To support; express approval of; to state in an ad that one supports a product or service, usually for a fee
Agenda A list of things to be done; a schedule
Erode To gradually wear (something) away
Antidote Something that reduces the effects of a poison; anything that relieves a harmful situation
Impartial Fair; not biased; without prejudice
Integrity Honesty; strong moral sense
Alternative A choice
Anecdote An entertaining short story about an event
Appropriate Proper; suitable to a situation
Erratic Irregular; not consistent
Extensive Large in space or amount
Legitimate In accordance with accepted laws, rules, and standards; considered proper
Lenient No strict or harsh in disciplining or punishing; merciful
Menace A danger; a threat
Morale Sate of mind with respect to confidence and enthusiasm; spirit
Naive Lacking wordly experience; unsuspecting; unsophisticated
Overt Obvious; not hidden
Undermine To gradually weaken or damage
Avert To prevent; to avoid
Candid Very honest
Compel To force
Comply To do as commanded or asked
Concise Saying much in a few clear words
Drastic Extreme; harsh or intense
Forfeit To lose through some fault; to be forced to give up by way of penalty
Fortify To strenghten
Illuminate To light up
Isolate To separate from others
Refuge Shelter; protection
Reminisce To remember and talk about the past
Urban Of or in a city
Apathy Lack of interest and concern
Radical Favoring extreme changes; especially in politics and government
Bland Dull; not interesting or exciting
Propaganda Ideas spread to support or oppose a cause
Prospects Chances of success
Reinforce To strenghten; to add support to
Ruthless Lacking pity; without mercy
Relevant Related to the matter at hand; to the point
Gruesome Horrible; shocking; frightful
Hypocrite One who claims to be something he or she is not; an insincere person
Idealistic Tending to emphasize ideals and principles over practical concerns
Illusion A false impression; a mistaken view of reality
Impact The force of one thing striking another
Imply To express indirectly; suggest
Novice A beginner; someone new to a field or activity
Obstacle Something that gets in the way; a barrier
Created by: CRMS English 7