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Words for English

WordSyn. and Etym.
Herculean(adj.) Syn:Mighty, Powerful, massive, and immerse Etymology:Hercules was the greatest break of all Greek mythology
Bowderize Syn: delete, censor, and expurgate Etymology: Thomas “Bowlder” publishes “Censored” versions of Shakespeare
Pondemonium(n.) Syn:Disorder, chaise, and noisy confusion Etymology: John Milton named the capital of hell Pandemonium. Pan=“all” Daimon=“demon”
Quixotic(adj) Syn:Romantic, Visionary’s, fanciful, and Chimerical Etymology: Don “Quixote” a Nobel by Cervantes, has its hero engaging in wild impractical feats.
Cynical Syn:Distrustful, sneering Etymology: Name of an Ancient Greek School of philosophy called the (Cyn)osarge’s (white dog)
Stoical Syn: Self-controlled, unemotional... Etymology:The Greek philosopher Zeno met his students by the porch (stoa is stoikos)
Stigma Syn: Stain, taint, and disagree Etymology: Run away slaves in Ancient Greece were branded with a stigma(tattoo)
Impede Syn:Block, delay, thwart Etymology: Slaves and convicts in Ancient Rome were sometimes shackled with leg irons. Latin- im(“in”) pedio(“foot”)
Expedite Syn: accelerate, quicker, and facilitate Etymology: see above Latin- ex(“Out”) Pedio(“foot”)
Tantalize Syn: Tempt, tease, and entice Etymology: (Tantalus) a son of Zeus fed the gods his son at a banquetz
Labyrinth Syn: maze, tangle, and conundrum Etymology: King Minos has Daedalus build a maze, called a labyrinth, for a half human and half bull Minotaur.
Machiavelian Syn: Cunning, Crafty, Deceitful and guileful Etymology: The author from the 16th century book entitled the prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
Laconic Syn: brief, to the point, and concise Etymology: The Spartans, or “Loconians” we’re famous for the hardships they bore during military training
Maudlin Syn:Sentimental, mushy, and tear-jerking Etymology: Because or her continual crying, Mary Magdalene became associated tearful sentimentality.
Galvanize Syn: Excite, stimulate, and animate Etymology: Italian Physiologist Luigi Galvani
Lethargic Syn: Drowsy, torpid, and lazy Etymology: Ancient Greeks the thought deceased spirits drank from the river “Lethe” which erased all there memories.
Ostracize Syn: Reject, isolate, and shun Etymology: In order to protect their new democracy from a political dictator, Athenians cast ballots on clay...
Gregarious Syn: Sociable, social, and Convial Etymology: Gregis (Latin) means “flock” or “herd” and is used to describe animals that like to be with others of there kind.
Egregious Syn: Outrageous, Flagrant, outstandingly bad Etymology; see above E gre
Gregarious Syn: Sociable, social, and Convial Etymology: Gregis (Latin) means “flock” or “herd” and is used to describe animals that like to be with others of there kind.
Egregious Syn: Outrageous, Flagrant, outstandingly bad Etymology; see above E gre
Created by: Donovan1027
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