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Chilean Slang

al tiro going out the door quickly, immediately, right now
gallo/a a young adult, similar to using the word guy/gal
fome boring, without any redeeming qualities
pelambre gossip
pito joint (weed)
poto butt
quiltro mutt
chomba knitted sweater
wea thing; can be used for an object or situation
mina woman
engrupir to fool someone
fiaca laziness
garúa drizzle
emputecer getting mad
abacanado presumptuous
agarrados being in a fight, mad
amarrete stingy, mean
arrastre influential
avivarse to realise
pilucho naked
guata belly
curi black, dark
paila bowl
callampa mushroom; also, penis
chala sandal
chupe soup/chowder
guagua child, baby
guasca whip
budín pudding
chutear to shoot
clóset closet
confort toilet paper
hacer zaping to change channel whilst watching TV, to channel surf
lobear to lobby
luquear to look
panqueque pancake
short short trousers
vestón jacket
a pata to go by foot
achuntar to hit the nail on the head
al lote careless, disorderly, without rules
amermelado silly, stupid person
andar a lo gringo not to wear any underwear
bacán excellent (used like cool, awesome, sweet)
bolsero someone who always asks for things
cachai? did you understand? (from cachar)
cachipún rock, paper, scissors
cacho a problem with something new you purchased
carrete party
chela beer drinking
chueco crooked, not straight, dishonest
copete alcoholic drink
copucha gossip
cuico rich snob
engrupir to smooth talk with a false motive / to flirt with or hit on someone. can also mean to lie or deceive
filo it doesn’t matter
flaite boring, lame, trashy, gangster
huaso cowboy
huevón (said: wéon) means a lot of things but can mean friend. Can refer to a person or a thing, a friend or an enemy. Most closely resembles ‘dude’ or ‘guy’ in English, but is far more versatile.
lanza a thief who snatches something
lata boring or lousy
Liz Taylor ready
luca Chilean 1,000 pesos bill
meter la pata put your foot in your mouth (say something that offends or embarrasses someone else)
mula fake
paco policeman
pucho cigarette
sacar la cresta beat someone up
sapo nosy person, someone who eavesdrops
taco traffic jam
taxi fake blonde
tener mala pata to be unlucky
tranqui calm down, don’t worry
zombi (andar como) to be tired
achacarse to get sad or discouraged
a lapa piggyback ride
al toque right away
andar pato to not have any money
apañar to accompany a friend, either physically or psychologically
apestarse to get mad or bored
aperrar to be brave, to persevere despite the obstacles
apitutado well-connected
apretado to be selfish, miserly
arrugar to back out of something
arrugón someone who doesn’t fulfill what they have said and pulls out
atao a problem
avispado very agile or intelligent
barsa fresh, without shame
bronca anger or disgust
buche stomach
cabra/o teenager or young kid
cabritas popcorn
cachureos things that are kept but have no use
cachuín hurtful gossip that starts trouble
calato to be naked
caleta a great amount, a lot
caña hungover
colarse enter without permission
condoro mistake, indiscretion
curao drunk
chapa nickname, alias
choro someone who thinks he or she is tough; also means great or cool
chorearse to get mad or angry; to rob or steal
dar pelota to pay attention to someone
dar jugo waste time, procrastinate, talk nonsense
denso someone very serious, almost to the point of being grumpy
doblado very drunk, stoned, unconscious
echar la foca to scold someone
embarrarla to ruin something or a situation
enrollado very involved or complicated
estirar la pata to die
fiambre stinking or rotten
fresco cheeky
gancho friend, neighbor
ganso stupid, naive
gauchada a favour
gil an idiot
guater toilet
hachazo a rough morning, usually hangover related
inflar (to someone) pay attention to someone or take into account
inflado something that has acquired a higher valued than deserved
rise al chancho to abuse or exceed the limits
jacana party, amusement
jote someone who is always on the prowl for women
julepe fear
la firme the truth or reality
la dura the truth
latero boring
la raja an amazing thing or situation
lesear to goof around
leseras ridiculous and meaningless things
LJ we are gone
lolo(a) teenager
longi crazy, hippie
machucado beaten up, poorly treated
mano de guagua miserly, selfish
micro the public buses
mina/o a young woman/man, usually attractive
ene a lot, a large amount
nanai affection that you show towards someone
ni ahí it doesn’t matter
ni un brillo someone or something boring, not appealing
ojo! attention!
onda vibes, positive or negative
once afternoon meal, tea time
pal gato (estar) feeling sick
pasarlo chancho to have a good time, to be entertained
patas negras a lover
patiperro someone who travels a lot
patudo shameless, disrespectful
pavear to be distracted
pega job or occupation
peludo difficult, complicated. someone who is hairy, grown up, mature
piola unnoticed, quiet
queque literally a piece of cake or muffin, usually used to refer to someone’s backside
quina a Chilean 500 pesos coin
quiubo? what happened?
rajado very fast, very generous, someone who enjoys partying
rasca unrefined, of low quality, tacky, vulgar
rico pleasant, entertaining
sacar pica to provoke someone into being jealous
seco someone successful in a particular area
socio pal, friend
talla a joke, prank
tata grandfather
tirar a la chuña throw something into the air for anyone to catch it
tocar el violín to be the third wheel
tollo a lie, exaggeration
hacer tuto to sleep
tener tuto to be tired
último the worst, horrible
virarse to leave
yapa a freebie or free gift
yunta best friend, pal
tincar to guess, to have a hunch
Vo(s) soi Vo(s) erí(s) Tú soi Tú erí(s) Tú eres Usted es all ways of saying 'you are' to one person
Created by: Claire Michelle
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