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Genre + Subgenre

Fiction + Nonfiction + Poetry + Drama

Fiction An imaginary story that the author creates in their own mind (not true)
Nonfiction This type of literature provides information that is factual. Nothing is made up.
Realistic Fiction A made up story that could actually happen (but didn’t)
Science Fiction A made-up story that includes futuristic technology
Dystopian A made-up story that is set in the future and includes an over controlling government that is taking away human rights
Fantasy A made up story that could never happen in real life
Historical Fiction A made up story that is realistic, but is set in the past
Mystery A fictional story that solves a crime or slowly reveals hidden secrets
Myth Made-up stories that were told to explain a natural event
Legend A made-up tale that has been passed down for generations and is about a remarkable person or event
Fable A relatively short made-up story that's purpose is to teach the reader a life lesson
Fairy Tale A made-up story that has been passed down through generations and includes magic or supernatural elements
Horror Scary story that makes the reader feel dread or fear
Survival A story in which the characters are struggling to survive
Romance Fictional stories that center on a romance between characters
Animal Fiction A fictional story that centers the characters experiences with an animal/s or animals are the main characters and talk and act like humans (but nothing magical)
Sports Fiction Fictional story that focuses on the main character(s) playing or learning a sport
Biography A factual text about a person’s life written by another person
Autobiography A nonfiction text where the author writes about their own life
Memoir A nonfiction story written about a significant memory or event in the author’s life
Reference A nonfiction text that presents information in a list form that is organized alphabetically or with descriptors
Editorial Newspaper or magazine article that gives the opinions of its editors or publishers
Periodical A magazine or newspaper published at regular intervals. Usually requires a subscription.
Interview A nonfiction text that is written in a question and answer format
How-to Manual A nonfiction text that teaches you how to perform a certain task (directions)
Feature Article An informational (expository) text that is written for print or media
Essay A type of nonfiction writing that expresses the thoughts, ideas, opinions, and/or arguments of the writer
Speech A formal address of thoughts or feelings to an audience
Diaries/Letters A formal or informal text that often reveals the inner thoughts and feelings of the author
Poetry A short, rhythmic, and artistic form of writing
Narrative Poetry A type of poetry that tells a story
Free Verse A type of poetry that has no set of rules that it follows
Lyrical Poetry A form of poetry that has a rhythm and is song-like
Drama A form of literature where actors are given parts and perform in front of an audience.
Comedy A literary genre and a type of dramatic work that is amusing and satirical in its tone, mostly having a cheerful ending.
Tragedy A type of drama that expresses the terrible and sorrowful events that the hero goes through or creates
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