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singular 单数形式
third person singular 第三人称单数
countable noun 可数名词
uncountable noun 不可数名词
Proper Nouns 专有名词
Individual Nouns 个体名词
Collective Nouns 集合名词
Material Nouns 物质名词
Abstract Nouns 抽象名词
Countable Nouns 可数名词
Uncountable Nouns 不可数名词
difinite article n. 定冠词(如英语中的the)
hyphenate transitive verb 用连字符连接
disguise A.transitive verb ①(camouflage) 伪装 to be disguised as a priest to disguise one's voice 伪装声音 ②掩盖 disguise oneself reflexive verb ▸ to disguise oneself as sb/sth; C.noun ①uncountable (camouflage) 伪装 ②countable (costume) 化装用具
distinguish A.transitive verb ①(differentiate) 区分 ▸ to distinguish sb/sth from sb/sth; 将…和…区分开来 ②(mark out) 使得以区分; (characterize) 是…的特征 ③(make out) 辨别出 B.intransitive verb 区分
scrub A.noun ①(clean) 擦洗 ▸ to give sth a good scrub 彻底擦洗某物 ②(cosmetic) 磨砂膏 B.transitive verb ①(clean) 擦洗‹hands, floor, saucepan› ②informal (scrap) 取消 ▸ scrub that 删去刚才那一句 C.intransitive verb 擦洗
parameter noun ①Mathematics 参数 ②usually plural(limiting factor) 界限
trot A.noun ①singular(animal pace) 小跑 ▸ to start off at a brisk/slow trot 以疾步小跑/慢跑开始 ②singular(human pace) 慢跑 B.the trots plural noun informal 腹泻 ▸ to get or have the trots 拉肚子
nickle n. (美国和加拿大) 五分镍币
bluff A.noun (attempt to deceive) 虚张声势 ▸ to call sb's bluff 要某人摊牌 B.intransitive verb 虚张声势 C.transitive verb 靠吹牛哄骗
mullet noun plural mullet or mullets ▸ red/grey mullet 鲱鲤/鲻鱼
figurative adjective ①Linguistics 比喻的 ▸ in the figurative sense 在比喻的意义上 ②Art 具象的‹artist, tradition, painting› ▸ a figurative painter 具象派画家
zero/first/second/third conditional 条件句
RE regarding
state verbs
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