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100 Most Common Word

Words used most often in spoken Spanish.

que that
de of, from
no no
a to
la the (for singular fmn nouns)
el the (for singular masculine nouns)
es he is, she is, it is (for essential characteristics)
y and
en in, on, at
lo it, him (direct-object pronoun)
un a, an (for singular feminine nouns)
por for, by, through
qué what / how (as in “how nice!”)
me me, myself
una a, an (for singular feminine nouns)
te you (direct-object pronoun)
los the (for plural masculine nouns)
se himself, herself, itself
con with
para for, to
mi my
está he is, she is, it is (non-permanent characteristics)
si if
bien well, good
pero but
yo I
eso that
las the (for plural feminine nouns)
su his, her, its
tu your
aquí here
del of the, from the, in the
al to the
como how, as, like
le him, her, formal you (indirect object pronoun)
más more
esto this (for singular masculine nouns)
ya already
todo everything
esta this one (for singular feminine nouns)
vamos let's go, come on
muy very
hay there is
ahora now
algo something
estoy I am (non-permanent characteristics)
tengo i have
nos us
nada nothing
cuando when
ha he has, she has, it has (auxiliary)
este this one (for singular masculine nouns)
i know
estás you are (non-permanent characteristics)
así like this
puedo i can
cómo how
quiero i want
sólo only, just
soy i am (for essential characteristics)
tiene he has, she has, it has
gracias thank you
o or
él he
bueno good
fue he was, she was, it was
ser to be (for permanent characteristics)
hacer to do, to make
son they are (for permanent characteristics)
todos all of us, all of them
era he was, she was, it was (permanent characteristics)
eres you are (permanent characteristics)
vez time (as in "one time")
tienes you have
creo i believe
ella she
he i have (auxiliary)
ese that one
voy i go
puede he can, she can, it can
sabes you know
hola hello
sus his, her (for plural nouns)
porque because
Dios God
quién who
nunca never
dónde where
quieres you want
casa house
favor favor
esa that one (for singular feminine nouns)
dos two
tan so
señor mister
tiempo time
verdad truth
estaba I was (non-permanent characteristics)
Created by: may.359
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