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Business Ethics

Immanuel Kant's categorical imperative theory requires that we avoid this as a result of ethical decision One-sided benefits
The agreement under Locke and Rawls as to what our ethical standards will be is this Social contract
Ethical egoists such as Ayn Rand hold that people act in this way In their own self-interest
The Utilitarian theory is based on this Doing the most good for the most people
What theory says that everyone has rights but it is up to the government to protect those rights. Entitlement theory
What is the meaning of primum non nocere Above all, do no harm
The adherence to one's values and principles despite the costs and consequences is called ? Integrity
Waht is conflict of interest? The conduct that compromises an employee's allegiance to that company.
What three questions did the Blanchard and Peale three-part test for resolving ethical dilemmas consists of? Is it legal? Is it balanced? How does it make me feel
Moral relativists solve ethical dilemmas according to what? Time and place
In applying the "front-page-of-the-newspaper" test to a contemplated course of conduct one should ask what? would I be willing to have my spouse, friend, and children read about this if it winds up on the front page of the newspaper?
Laura Nash has developed questions to help business people reach the right decision in ethical dilemmas. What are they? Have you defined the problem accurately? How did the situation occur in the first place? How did you define the problem if you stood on the other side of the fence.
What is ethics? A branch of philosophy dealing with values that relate to the nature of human conduct and values associated with that conduct
What is positive law? Law enacted and codified by governmental authority
Rights theory includes what? Everyone have a set of rights, it is the government responsibility to protect them, and also known as the entitlement theory.
‚ÄčThe importance of trust as a fundamental principle in capitalism is illustrated by expectations that Investors will be able to earn a return on their investments
What are stakeholders? those who have a stake, or interest, in the activities of a corporation; which include employees, members of the community where the corporation operates, vendors, customers, and any others who are affected by the actions and decisions of the corporation.
The term used when natural law proponents violate positive law Civil disobedience
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