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Math Chapters 1_4

multi. facts, factors, and breaking apart numbers

2x5 10
2x6 12
2x7 14
8x3 32
9x3 27
6x3 18
9x4 36
9x5 45
9x6 54
9x7 63
9x8 72
9x9 81
9x10 90
7x3 21
7x4 28
7x5 35
7x6 42
7x7 49
7x8 56
8x4 32
Kathy is collecting pens for school. She has twice as many pens than Dan. Dan has one less than Mike. If Mike has 9 pens, how many pens does Kathy have? 16 pens
Use breaking apart to find each answer : 12x7 10x7 2x7
Use breaking apart to find each answer : 12x11 10x11 2x11
Use breaking apart to find each answer : 13x4 10x4 3x4
Use breaking apart to find each answer : 13x8 10x8 3x8
Use breaking apart to find each answer : 12x6 10x6 2x6
Use breaking apart to find each answer : 12x12 10x12 2x12
What is the first factor in the question 6x2 6
What do you call the answer to a multiplication problem? product
What do you call the answer to a division problem? quotient
Eric is collecting coins from around the world. He has twice as many coins as Jen. Jen has 4 less than Jill. Jill has 20 coins. How many coins does Eric have from around the world? 32 coins
Herald and his friends went shopping. Herald bought 9 items more than Jessica. Jessica bought 4 less items than Kiley. If Kiley bought 13 items, how many items did they buy in all? 31 items
11x12 132
11x10 110
11x3 33
100x0 0
190x1 190
8x7 56
18 divided by 3 6
56 divided by 7 8
132 divided by 12 11
72 divided by 6 12
32 divided by 4 8
49 divided by 7 7
96 divided by 8 12
45 divided by 5 9
7 divided by 7 1
81 divided by 9 9
70x4 280
40x3 120
8x50 400
800x7 5,600
900x8 7,200
600x4 2,400
84 divided by 12 7
90 divided by 9 10
63 divided by 9 7
108 divided 9 12
90x12 1,800
70x9 630
30x7 210
900x5 4,500
400x2 800
2x5 10
Louie is fencing a sguare garden. There is 16 feet in all. If an equal amount of feet is on each side, how much feet is on one side of the fence? 4 feet
Luz has 36 bouncy balls to put in a bag. How many bouncy balls will be in each bag? 6 balls
Tony and 5 friends are going to the beach. Tony found 42 shells. He wants to divide them equally with him and his friends. How many will Tony get if he splits them equally? 7 shells
Mrs. Anderson's putting her class in 3 rows. If there are 18 students in her class, how many students will be in each row? 6 students
Kathy is making 4 lunches. She has 12 carrots. If Kathy wants to share them equally, how many carrots will be in each bag? 3 carrots
If 8x =72, 72 divided by 8 must be .......what? 9
Diane has 24 bookmarks. She wants to split them between herself and 2 friends. How many bookmarks will each of them recieve? 8 bookmarks
Estimate the product by the nearest hundred : 6x125 600
Elisa has 425 potatoes in her potatoe farm. Manny has 6x as many potatoes. How many potatoes does Manny have? Estimate. 3,000
Estimate the product to the nearest hundred : 538x3 1,500
Sam and his brothers want to fly to San Antonio. One airline offers a round trip fare of $319. Another airline offers a round trip for $389. About how much will Sam and his brothers save by buying the less expensive airline fare? ROUND TO THE NEAREST TEN $70
Craig has 9,045 ants in his ant farm. Frank has 7x as many ants as Craig. How many ants does Frank have? Estimate. 6,300
Estimate the product by the nearest hundred : 4x261 1,200
Six people are waiting in line. Nate is in front of Joe. Kathy is behind Sarah. Nona is behind Joe. Caroline is in front of Kathy. Nate is 1rst. Who is 3rd? Nona
What is the divisor in the equation 84 divided by 7 7
Estimate 709x6 by the nearest hundred. 4,200
Created by: kellym6