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Verbs 112-169

fijar to fix/fasten/secure
referir to refer (to)
acercar to bring near
dedicar to dedicate
aprender to learn
comprar to buy/purchase
subir to go up/rise/move up/climb/raise up
evitar to avoid/prevent
interesar to interest/be of interest to
cerrar to close/shut
echar to throw/cast/fling
responder to respond/answer/reply to
sufrir to suffer/to undergo/experience
importar to import/to be important
obtener to obtain/get
observar to observe
indicar to indicate
imaginar to imagine
soler to be accustomed to
detener to stop/hold up/delay/arrest/detain
desarollar to develop/expand/unroll/unwind/unfold
senalar to point out/indicate/signal
elegir to elect/choose
preparar to prepare/get something ready
proponer to propose
demostrar to demonstrate/show
significar to signify/mean
reunir to gather/meet/collect
faltar to lack/be lacking/be missing
acompanar to accompany
desear to desire/want/wish
ensenar to teach/instruct/train/educate
construir to build/construct
vender to sell
representar to represent
desaparecer to disappear
mandar to order(give an order)/send
andar to walk
prefirir to prefer
asegurar to assure/secure/insure
crecer to grow up
surgir to arise/emerge/spring up/come out
matar to kill/slaughter
entregar to deliver/hand over
colocar to locate/place
establecer to establish
gurdar to guard/protect/to keep
iniciar to initiate/begin/start
bajar to lower/go down/descend/download
notar to note/notice/observe
meter to put in/place/insert
actuar to act/perform/operate
pretender to attempt
acordar to decide/resolve/agree on
cortar to cut
corresponder to correspond with
romper to break
adquirir to obtain/acquire/buy
Created by: Andrew Hornsby
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