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Part 2 Vocabulary

Island of the Blue Dolphins

long, narrow body connected to the head of an arrow or spear shaft
lucky; receiving something good fortunate
to move quickly, with small short steps scurry
salty, dirty and unpleasant water brackish
like tar, thick sticky resin substance used for sealing purposes pitch
a cheap simple food made especially in the past by boiling oats with water gruel
moved around the border skirted
really loud, roaring sound deafening
abandoned, left completely alone deserted
a very loud yell or sound from an animal bellowing
one of the back legs of an animal with four legs haunches
moving secretly prowling
not often, rarely seldom
to create, make something fashioning
relatives who lived several generations in the past ancestors
deep bowls that can hold a lot of liquid basins
a long, deep cut gash
something that is believed to be a sign or warning of something that will happen in the future omen
have an angry argument or disagreement quarreled
length of something wound or arranged in a spiral or sequence of rings coils
to have a sharp point that sticks out and backward from a larger point barbed
to be present in large amounts plentiful
rubbing or irritating until sore chafing
plants used for healing purposes or to add taste to foods herbs
Created by: Mrs. Swiander