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Part 1 Vocabulary

Island of the Blue Dolphins

bite or nibble on something gnawed
look steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought. gaze
closed off or blocked barred
suffer death perish
a load, especially a heavy one burden
strict and severe; using extreme measures or terms stern
alone and unhappy; left alone and not cared for forlorn
a long, thin, flat beach which goes out into the sea sandspit
a place where a wild animal lives lair
people who avoid work shirkers
an order or formal command decreed
stuffed oneself with food gorged
having a discussion between two groups of people, especially one that is intended to end an argument parley
using very little, without waste, in moderation sparingly
the skin and fur of a dead animal, or the skin with the fur removed pelt
the bodies of a dead animal carcasses
a large amount of something such as hay, paper, wool or cloth that has been tied tightly together bale
think deeply and carefully ponder
follow and try to catch or capture for usually a long distance or time pursue
it is used to trap and capture animals snare
not working, active, or being used idle
not a lot, hardly scarcely
spread or scatter things over or on the ground strewn
run away from danger flee
Created by: Mrs. Swiander
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