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According to C. Wright Mills, __________ involves the realization that personal troubles are rooted in public issues. sociological imagination
The degree to which people succeed in life in such areas as education, income and health is termed as life chance
The ways in which a society or group ranks people in a hierarchy, with some more "equal" than others is referred to as vertical social structure
What does functionalism emphasize? The importance of social institutions for providing a stable society
According to symbolic interactionists social order is possible because people learn what various symbols mean and apply these meanings to different kinds of situations
__________ refers to a conclusion drawn from sociological research that is meant to apply to broad categories of people but to which many exceptions will always exist Generalization
Determining if the study that the research has in mind has not already been done is a part of ________________ formulating a hypothesis.
Sandy uses her experiences living in her college dormitory (student housing) for an assignment on understanding group dynamics. She is using the ______________ method of doing research. Observational research
Barkan and the course notes listed a few reasons explaining how we know what we think we know?" Which of the following is not one of those ways Your neighbors
In a study of whether or not using the cell phone while driving increases the likelihood of having an accident, whether or not the someone is using a cell phone is the ______________ variable independent
A(n) __________ refers to a group that shares the central values and beliefs of the larger culture but still retains certain values, beliefs, and norms that make it distinct from the larger culture. An example would be the hip hop culture. subculture
Which of the following is an example of a formal norm? Traffic laws
A person who criticizes and judges a village of people who farm their fields using horses and a plow (instead of a tractor or more advanced machinery) is exhibiting: Ethnocentrism
Which of the following is an example of nonmaterial culture? Values
Rituals reflect and communicate a culture's norms and other elements from one generation to the next.
What is the term for the beliefs, values, behaviors, and material objects that, together, constitutes a people's way of life? Culture
The ________ is the view that language influences the thoughts and perceptions of people in a society. Sapir-Whorf hypothesis
Which of the following statements is NOT a characteristic of culture? Culture remains the same across time and place
An example of a __________ is the custom of men in the United States wearing pants rather than skirts. folkway
White supremacist/KKK groups, whose values are opposite of the larger culture, are an example of: counterculture.
________ is a dramatic change in a person's beliefs, values, and behavior, often occurring in total institutions Resocialization
According to Freud, the ________ is the selfish part of the personality and consists of biological instincts that all babies have, including the need for id
According to Mead, in the ________ stage, children begin to take on the role of significant others and imagine their role through their learned social expectations. An example would be the baby rapper. play
Jean Piaget's stage of cognitive development when children begin to use language, words, and other symbols to understand ideas but do not have the ability to think abstractly is the (example: glasses of water): preoperational stage
According to the _________ theory, individuals use the perception that others have of them to develop judgments and feelings about themselves. looking-glass self
__ is the problem arising when a person experiences incompatibility among roles corresponding to a single status. An example would be a student who is expected to memorize definitions and terms, but also expected to think independently or beyond the textb Role strain
A status that is so important that it overrides other statuses a person may hold is called a ____________. An example would be someone who must use a wheelchair to transport themselves master status
A school dropout, a runaway, or a prison inmate are examples of a/an ________ status achieved
Erving Goffman created the term, ______________, which refers to the idea that our social interactions are similar to theatrical performances where we manage our impressions and are constantly communicating things through our actions. dramaturgical analysis
According to Gilligan, in moral development, boys tend to use formal rules to decide what is right and wrong, while girls tend to take ________ into account. personal relationships
Which leadership style involves extensive consultation with group members on decisions and less emphasis on rule compliance? Democratic leadership
Members of _________ organizations do not get paid and instead contribute their time or money because they like or admire what the organization does normative
The tendency for group members to reach a consensus opinion, even if that decision is downright stupid or wrong is referred to as (example: Solomon Asch experiment): groupthink
A/An ____________ leader focuses on maintaining and improving the quality of relationships among group members to make sure there is group harmony expressive
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a bureaucracy No specialization of jobs or tasks
A __________ group sets standards for guiding our behavior and attitudes. A more recent example is the effect of Facebook depression as mentioned in the notes. reference
In the video, A Class Divided, Jane Elliott (the teacher) decided to try an experiment with her children in order to teach them about the effects of racism and discrimination. Which of the following did NOT happen during the course of her experiment? The children who were in the disadvantaged group for the day performed better on their math exercises.
While bureaucracies can be very effective, they also suffer from some disadvantages or problems as well. One problematic area is ____________, which refers to the placement of greater importance on rules and regulations that on the organizational goals. red tape
In George Simmel's work on group size, he concluded that ___________ are more stable by having a third person as a mediator between the other two people. triads
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