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Battery Manual Test

What are the components of a Risk Assessment? Identify Hazards Assess Risks Implement Risk Control Elimination Substitution Engineering Controls Awareness Administrative Controls PPE
What are the 10 items that should be on a Battery Room Sign? Precaution Signs Electrolyte Cell Area Authorized Personnel Only Energized Electrical Circuits Arc Flash Hazard Hydrogen Gas Corrosive Liquids Exit No Smoking or Open Flames Eye Protection Required
What PPE should be worn within the flash boundary? FRC Arc-rated clothing Non conductive hardhat with face shield Eye protection Ear protection Rubber insulated gloves with leather exteriors Safety boots Balaclava
What are the 3 tools for safety? Job site inspection Safety meetings Enforcement
When should you approach conductive objects? Employee is insulated Equipment is insulated Employee is isolated
What PPE should be worn while working with batteries? Goggles/face shield Acid resistant suit or sleeves Apron Nitrile gloves Eye wash kit Spill kit Extinguisher Insulated tools
What are the 2 types of batteries? Primary (cannot be recharged) Secondary (can be recharged)
What is a battery cycle? A full discharge and full recharge
How do you explain an amp hour? 1 amp for 1 hour= 1 amp hour 10 amps for 10 hours= 100 amp hours
What is oxidation? A loss in electrons
What is reduction? A gain in electrons
What does OIL/RIG stand for? Oxidation Is Loss Reduction Is Gain
What are the types of electrolytes? Sulfuric acid Sodium hydroxide
When should insulated gloves be inspected? Every 12 months
What is OSHA's definition of electrical safety? "Recognizing hazards associated with the use of electrical energy and taking precautions so that hazards do not produce injury or death"
What kind of circuit are batteries connected for 135v? Series
What does VRLA stand for? Valve Regulated Lead Acid
What are types of VRLA batteries? Gel Electrolyte Acid Glass Mating
What are the types of wet cell batteries? Lead-acid Lead-calcium Lead-selenium Nickel-cadmium
What direction does current flow when charging a battery? Positive to Negative
What are the types of plates? Flat Tubular Round
What direction does current flow when discharging a battery? Negative to Positive
What happens to the acid when discharging? Acid is absorbed into the plates
What happens to the acid when charging? Acid is forced out of the plates
What components make up the exterior of a flooded battery? Case Flame Arrestor Aqua-Gen Post Seals Post Bus Bar/Hardware
What components make up the exterior of a VRLA battery? Case Pressure Release Vent Post Post Seal Bus Bar/Hardware
What components make up the interior of a flooded battery? Post Strap Grid Plates Separator Footing Electrolyte
What components make up the interior of a VRLA battery? Strap Grid Plate Separator Post Footing Electrolyte
What can affect the life expectancy of a battery? Redox Temperature Charging Voltage AC Ripple Discharge Profile Water Usage
What is important to know about checking voltage with a Cellcorder? Do not measure voltage greater than 20VDC
How does gas recombine in VRLA batteries? Electrolysis, water is lost during this process.
How does an Aqua-Gen work? Gases that are released from the battery go into the chamber and react with Palladium to recombine and drip back down into the electrolyte
How does a flame arrestor work? Allows Hydrogen to escape and prevents ignition sources from entering the battery
What should you install during a pre install of batteries? Hydrogen Gas Monitor Fire Alarm Air Exchange Calculations Air Conditioner Containment
What should be taken into consideration before installing batteries? Seismic zoning
What parts make up post construction? Bolt Holes O-Rings Cover Post Post Cap Top Nut Seal Bottom Nut Seal Post Seal
What is the nominal specific gravity value? 1.215
According to IEEE 1578, what depth should a containment tray be? 4 in.
When installing the batteries on a rack, how should you load the batteries? Bottom then top
When placing batteries on the rack how should you position them? For bus bar installation
What should be done to hardware before installation onto the batteries? Cleaned of oxidation and greased
What should you do before connecting charging cables to a new battery string? Check voltage difference
What voltage difference in voltage do flashes start to occur? 10VDC
What water can you use to replenish battery levels? De-ionized or De-mineralized water
What are the 4 types of discharge tests for batteries? Acceptance Performance Modified Performance Service Test
What is an acceptance test? Test determines battery capacity and verification that it meets duty cycle
What is a service test? Test to determine if the battery will meet duty cycle
At what percentage has a battery string failed a capacity test? 85%
What are the 2 types of battery capacity tests? Rate-adjusted Time-adjusted
What is the minimum voltage of a 60 cell battery? 1.75v per cell
How does a battery make power? Oxidation reduction (REDOX) reactions are converting chemical energy into electrical energy
What is hydration? A battery is OVER-discharged and the lead dissolves into water.
What is a thermal runaway? When the heat generated within the battery cannot be dissipated.
What can thermal runaway lead to? Fire Acid-leaking Excessive gas Explosion
What is copper contamination? Copper inside the posts is no longer isolated from the electrolyte. Copper bonds to the negative post.
What can cause a cell jar to crack? Positive plate growth
What causes a white powder to be present on the lower batteries of a battery rack? Residual acid from the top batteries reacting with the rack itself.
What would cause a thick white powder to be present on hardware? The stainless steel of the hardware reacting with the acid
What causes a leafy green/blue substance to be present on bus bars? Acid reacting with copper
What causes sulfation on battery plates? Copper contamination which can cause thousands of tiny short circuits
What is important to know about installing bus bars? possible lead exposure
What is a Gel Cell battery? A VRLA with a silica or sand mixed with the sulfuric acid to thicken it
What is a Absorbed Glass Mat battery? Electrolyte is held in glass mats. Glass fibers are woven into mat to increase surface area.
When does an internal valve on a VRLA battery open? 2 psi
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