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Nervous stystem


Define Neuromuscular junction The area where a neuron sends info. to another muscle
Define Interneurons Are cells only in the central nervous system
Define Neurotransmitters/acetylcholine/norepinephrine Cells that carry impulses
Define REfractory period Is when cells resets
Define Threshold Is the amount of sensitvely/votage it takes to acturate
Define resting neuron Is the neuron with potassium concentration greater then sodium and less positive then on the outside
Define Nodes of Ranvier Are the gaps between the myeliners or schwann cells
Define Schwann cells Cells that make myelin
Define Myelin A cover over axons
What is the purpose of the nervous system? To gather information, analyze, send information, and to respond to information
Where would you find synaptic knobs? At the ends of axons
Where would you find moter end plates? At the end of synaptic knob
Where would you find gap junctions? In electrical synapses on axons
What is the function of synaptic knobs? carry information
Function of motor end plates? carry information to a motor neuron
What is meant by the term"threshold" when talking about neurons? It is the minimul amount of sensitivity/voltage needed to stimulate a nerve
What are the two types of nerve cells found in nervous tissue? What are their functions? Sensory( to recieve information)Motor ( sense information to effectors)
What is meant by the " fight or flight" system? Why is it called that? Is the symphatic system and it is called that because the body is in atoms and moble mood
What is the purpose of the symphatic nervous system? To increase the bodies reactions to protect itself
What is the purpose of the parasympathetic system? Stable the bodies systems
What are meninges? What are the 3 parts? Where do you find meninges? The outer layer covering the brain. The three parts are Dura mater,arachnoid, and pia mater. Menings are found around the heart.
What is white matter? Gray matter? Sclera is the white matter. Nerve cell bodies is the gray matter
What is the corpus collosum? Part of the brain that connects the two lobes.
What does the brainstem consist of? Pons, oblongata medulla, midbrain
What does the pituitary gland do? It controls secretion of hormones like adreneline
What is the purpose of Schwann Cells? They make myelin
Why might it be benefical for a nerve cell to be myelinatec? It increases efficence of a cell
What are the 3 different types of neurons? Describe the function of each? Where would you find them? Sensory, motor, inter. Sensory- carries a impulse from a receptor. Motor- Carries impulses to effectors( througout whole body). Inter- used for thinking( brain and spine)
What does the central nervous system include? The brain and spine
What is the brain's function in the nervous system? To analyze a pon and sense
What is a neuromuscular junction? What happens there? It is where muscles are sent to do something from neurons.
What does the diencephalon consist of? function? Thalmus, and hypothalmus. Their function is to relay information
What is the difference between an electrical and a chemical synapse? What are the advantages of electrical synapses? Electrical are faser and synochronize a group of neurons. An advantage is that it is more efficent at transporting impluses.
What is the Sodium-potassium pump? How does it work and why is it important to the " firing" of a nerve cell? It is a system which controls sodium and potassium intake in a neuron. It works by forcing one chemical in and one chemical out rapidly. It is important becaue it sends impulses.
How does an impulse travel along a nerve cell membrane? It goes through an axon by a process called action potential.
When is a nerve cell membrane unable to carry impulses? When it is damaged or in infractory period
What is an effector? Receptor? What is their relationship in the nervous system? A thing effected by another thing. Something that recieves info. They tell the body what to do if their is a problem.
What are the rodes and cones? Rods-allow us to see in dim lightCones- brigher lights stimulate cones.
Which part of the ear is considered the organ of hearing? Cochlea
What is the purpose of the Eustachian tube? To equalize pressure in the brain
What are the divisions of the ear? What are the parts in each? Inter, mid, and outer. Inter has choclea and semicirclur canals. Mid has tympanic membrane, eustachian tube, and ossicles. Outer- apina or aurlica.
Name the 12 cranial nerves Olfactoryopticoculomotertroichleartrigeminalabducensfacialvestibulo cochlearglossopharyngealvagusspinal accessoryhypo glossal
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