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Story and Action 1

practical exchanges

La oficina de cambio esta a la vuelta. The exchange office is around the corner
?Por cuanto me lleva al Hotel International? How much do you want to take me to the Hotel Internationals?
No, es demasiado. Le doy veinte. No, that's too much. I'll give you twenty.
Tengo reservada una habitación a nombre Karen Santiago. I've reserved a room in the name Karen Santiago.
No se'. Unos quince dias. I don't know. About fifteen days.
De'jelo, prefiero pagar un poco mas' y tener bano privado Leave it. I prefer to pay a little more and have a private bath.
?Y sabe usted a que' hora se cierra la oficina? And do you know what time the office closes?
Creo que se cierra a las quatro de la tarde. I think it closes at 4 PM.
Si, porque así' no tendremos que preocuparnos de nada. Yes, because then we won't have to worry about anything.
Me dijeron que el viaje a Acapulco es agradable. They told me that the trip to Acapulco is nice.
Vamos a quedarnos algunos días en la playa? A mi me gustaría ponerme morena. Are we going to spend a few days at the beach? I'd like to get a tan.
Tenemos una semana libre, a partir de viernes proximo. We have a week free, starting next Friday.
La excursion incluye alojamiento en Taxco, cena y desayuno. The tour includes hotel accommodations in Taxco, dinner and breakfast.
Y por la noche pueden asistir a una representación folklórica. And in the evening you can attend a floor show of folkloric dances.
Si, tendrán un par de horas antes de salir para Acapulco. And, you'll have a couple of hours before you leave for Acapulco.
A Mario le encanta la musica classica. Comprale un disco. Mario loves classical music. Buy him a record.
No te olvides del libro para Eduardo. Don't forget the book for Eduardo.
Lo siento, no contesta nadie. ? Quiere que insista? I'm sorry, no one answers. Do you want me to keep trying.
Todavia no contesta nadie. ? Quiere volver a llamar mas' tarde? There's still no answer. Would you like to call back later?
Por supuesto. Hablare' con el cocinero. Of course. I'll talk to the chef.
La langosta para mi. The lobster for me.
?Algo de beber? Anything to drink?
Gracias, pero prefiero subir andando. Thanks, but I prefer to walk up.
Pues si, mi intención' es quedarme aqui un ano por lo menos. Well, yes, my intention is to stay here for at least a year.
Podemos vernos mañana por la mañana. Can we meet tomorrow morning?
Tratare' de estar aqui de vuelta antes de las quatro. I'll try to be back here before four.
Si, abri una cuenta hace un mes. Yes, I opened an account a month ago.
Espere un momento. Si, en efecto. Tiene usted una cuenta con un balance de veinte mil pesos. Wait a minute. Yes, that's right. You have an account with a balance of twenty thousand pesos.
?Desea algo mas'? Do you want anything else?
?Conoces a todos los invitados?? Do you know all the guests?
A algunos. ?Quien es la mujer que baila con Roberto? Some of them. And who's the woman dancing with Roberto?
Parece que la fiesta esta' muy animada. It looks like the party's very lively.
?Hace quanto tiempo que se siente mal? How long has he been feeling ill?
?Y que' me recomienda usted? And what do you recommend that I do?
No, no es preciso. Se te pasara' pronto. No, it isn't necessary. It will go away soon.
Necessito comprar carne, pescado, verduras, huevos, leche y fruta. I need to buy meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, milk and fruit.
Bueno, mira, en este mercado puedes comprar lo que quieras. Fine, look, in this market you can buy whatever you want.
?Puedo pagar con una tarjeta de crédito? Can I pay with a credit card?
Que raro! Ella ya no trabaja. How strange. She doesn't work anymore.
!Pues aqui tienen dos nietos también! Well, they have two grandchildren here too!
Como tu' quieras. As you wish.
Created by: Tomas Flynn
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