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Gre Words!

Welter A disorganzied, confused jumble
Vituperative Using, containing or marked by harshly abusive censure
Vitriolic Bitterly scathing; caustic
Urbane Polite, refined, elegant
Untoward Improper
Untenable Being such that defense or maitenance is impossible
Tyro A beginner
Turpitude Depravity; baseness
Truculent Disposed to fight; brutally harsh
Tractable Easily managed or controlled; governable
Torpid Lethargic
Tenuous Having little substance; flimsy
Temerity Foolhardy disregard of danger; recklessness
Taciturn Reserved; using few words
Surfeit An excessive amount
Supercilious Feeling or showing haughty disdain
Stymie To thwart; to stump
Stolid Having or revealing little emotion or sensibility
Spurious Lacking authenticity; not genuine; false
Specious Having the ring of truth or plausibility but actually fallacious
Sophistry Plausible but fallacious argumentation
Solvent Capable of meeting financial obligations
Solicitous Marked by or given to ancious care and often hovering attentiveness
Sedulous Assiduous; persevering and constant in effort
Sanctimonious Feigning piety or righteousness
Reticent Keeping one's thoughts, feelings, and personal affairs to oneself
Rescind To make void
Repudiate To reject emphatically
Reprobate Morally unprincipiled
Renege To faily to carry out a promise or commitment
Refractory Obstinately resistant to authority or control
Recalcitrant Marked by stubborn resistance to and defiance of authority or guidance
Redoubtable Arousing fear or awe
Raconteur One who tells stories and anecdotes with skill and wit
Quiescent Characterized by inactivity; tranquil
Querelous Given to complaining; peevish
Quash To set aside or annul, especially by judicial action
Proscribe To denounce, prohibit or condemn
Prosaic Lacking in imagination and spirit
Propitiate To enter or reenter someone's good graces; to appease
Profligate Recklessly wasteful; wildly extravagant
Probity Complete and confirmed integrity; moral uprightness
Prodigious Impressively great in size, force or extent
Prevaricate To stray from or evade the truth; to equivocate
Platitude A trite or banal remark, especially one expressed as if it were original or significant
Pithy Forecful and brief
Perspicacious Having or showing penetrating mental discernment
Penury Extreme want or poverty
Paucity Fewness
Parsimonious Excessively frugal
Opprobrium Disgrace arising from shameful conduct
Onerous Oppressive or troublesome
Officious Marked by excessive eagerness to offer unwanted services
Obviate To anticipate and dispose of effectively; render unnecessary
Obfuscate To make so confused or opaque as to be difficult to understand
Obdurate Hard-hearted or jaded
Nonplus To bewilder
Nascent Coming into existence
Nadir The lowest point
Mordant Bitingly sarcastic
Mercurial Prone to rapid changes in mood
Lurid Marked by sensationalism; shocking or horrifying
Limn To describe in detail; to illustrate by drawing or painting
Levity Lightness of manner or speech; frivolity
Latent In a dormant state but with potential for expression
Irresolute Undecided
Irascible Easily angered
Invective Abusive or denunciatory language
Inure To habituate to something undesirable, especially by prolonged subjection
Intrepid Courageous, fearless
Intractable Difficult to govern or manage
Internecine Mutually destructive
Insipid Lacking qualities that excite or stimulate; dull
Exigent Urgent
Inimical Hostile
Inert Lethargic
Indigent Impoverished
Incontrovertible Impossible to dispute
Incipient Beginning to exist or appear
Inchoate In early, rudimentary stages
Impolitic Undiplomatic
Impetuous Impulsive and passionate
Impecunious Penniless
Harry To harras
Halycon Calm and peaceful; tranquil
Guileless Innocent; having an inability to deceive
Germane Pertinent and relevant
Garrulous Overly talkative
Gainsay To deny or declare false
Furtive Characterized by stealth
Fulminate To issue a thunderous verbal attack
Foment To produce the growth of; to incite
Flout To mock or insult; to treat with contempt
Extrapolation An estimation from facts already known
Equivocate To use ambiguous language in a deliberate attempt to deceive
Equanimity Calmness
Enervate To weaken or tire
Endemic Peculiar or specific to an area or people
Effrontery Arrogance or audaciousness
Distend To spread, stretch or expand
Disingenuous Insincere
Disabuse To free from error
Diffidence Lack of self-confidence
Desultory Digressing, random or inconsistent
Craven Cowardly or weak-willed
Contrite Remoreseful
Contention A struggle in opposition or dispute
Compendium A brief summary or a list of inventory
Cogent Logically convincing
Coda A concluding section or a summation
Chicanery Tricky, deceitful or evasive language
Charlatan Fraud or one who pretends to have skills or knowledge he or she does not possess
Capricious Erratic or a tendency to change one's mind
Aver To declare or assert with confidence
Assuage To lessen or make easier
Assiduous Constant and industrious
Aggregate To combine or form a collection or sum
Alacrity Willingness or cheerful eagerness
Aberrant Deviating from the norm
Slake To satisfy, quench
Mollify To temper, to soothe
Decry To condemn openly
Excoriate To upbraid, censure scathingly
Execrate To declare to be hateful; to denounce
Impudent Charecterized by offensive boldness
Impugn To attack as false or questionable
Inveigh To protest vehemently
Lambaste To scold sharply; berate
Obloquy Calumny; abusively detractive language
Objurgate To berate
Pillory Exposed to public scorn
Anathema A formal ecclesiastical ban, curse, or excommunication
Deleterious Having a harmful effect
Dissemble To make a false show of; to disguise
Ersatz Artificial
Perfidy Deliberate breach of faith; calculated violation of trust; treachery
Specious Having the ring of truth or plausibility but actually fallacious
Nefarious Infamous by way of being extremely wicked
Scrupulous Conscientious and exact; painstaking
Esurient Hungry; greedy
Abnegate To deny to onself; to denounce
Forfend To ward off; avert
Consonant Harmonious in sound or tone
Dulcet Melodious
Din A jumble of loud, discordant sounds
Fetid Having an offensive odor
Invidious Tending to rouse ill will, animosity, or resentment
Rebarbative Repellent
Ebullient Zestfully enthusiastic
Jocular Characterized by joking
Jocund Sprightly and lighthearted in disposition
Lachrymose Weeping or inclined to weep
Lugubrious Mournful or gloomy
Plaintive Expressing sorrow
Threnody A poem or song of lamentation
Abstruse Difficult to understand
Recondite Not easily understood; abstruse
Roiled In a state of agitation
Periphrastic Roundabout and unneccesarily wordy
Turgid Excessively ornate
Compendiuos Succinct
Baleful Ominous; malignant in effect
Insidious Intended to entrap; treacherous
Bestir To rouse
Gall To irk or exasperate
Dastardly Cowardly and malicious; base
Recreant Craven or cowardly
Timorous Full of apprehensiveness
Implacable Impossible to placate or appease
Intransigent Uncompromising
Pertinacious Holding tenaciously to a purpose
Amenable Responsive to advice; willing
Accrete To make larger or greater
Hackneyed Overfamiliar through overuse
Quotidian Everyay, commonplace
Callow Immature
Proselyte A new convert to a doctrine or religion
Peremptory Putting an end to all debate or action
Expiate To make amends; to atone
Redress To set right
Perfunctory Cursory, done without care
Extemporaneous Improvised
Inveigle To obtain by deception or flattery
Abate To lessen in intensity
Chary Wary, cautious
Acumen Keen, accurate judgment
Impassive Revealing no emotion
Centrifuge To separate
Tacit Implicit
Trenchant Sharply perceptive
Recondite Difficult to understand, hidden
Refulgent Shining radiantly
August Magestic, venerable
Brook To tolerature, endure
Color To distort, gloss or effect
Consquential Pompous, self-important
Damp To diminish the intenstity or check the vibration of a sound
Die A tool used for sharpening
Essay To attempt or experiment
Fell Inhumanly cruel; verb: to demand, call for
Grouse To complain or grumble
Guy A rope, cord or cable attached to something as a brace or guide
List To tilt or lean to one side
Mince To pronounce or speak affectedly
Pied Multicolored, usually in blotches
Quail To lose courage, turn frightened
Strut The supporting structural cross-part of a wing
Tender To proffer or offer
Adumbrate To foreshadow vaguely or intimate
Anodyne Soothing
Apogee Farthest or highest point
Apostate One who abandons long-held religious or political convictions
Asseverate To aver, allege, assert
Asperity Severity, rigor, roughness
Calumniate To slander, make a false accusation
Cavil To find fault without good reason
Celerity Speed, alacrity
Chimera An illusion
Contumacious Insubordinate, rebellious
Denouement An outcome or solution; the unraveling of a plot
Descry To discriminate or discern
Desuetude Disuse
Diaphonous Transparent, gauzy
Eschew To shun or avoid
Exegesis Critical examination, explication
Extirpate To destroy, exterminate, cut out
Fractious Quarrelsome, rebellious, unruly
Heterodox Heretical, iconoclastic, unorthodox
Insouciant Unconcerned, carefree
Imbroglio Embarassing situation
Mendicant A beggar
Meretricious Cheap, gaudy, tawdry, flashy
Obstreperous Aggressively boisterous
Ossified Tending to become more rigid, conventional, and reactionary with age. Literally, turned into bone.
Palliate To make somehting seem less serious
Pelludic Transparent, easy to understand
Peroration THe concluding part of a speech; flowery rhetoric
Plangent Pounding, thundering, resounding
Prolix Wordy
Puerile Childish
Puissance Power, strength
Remonstrate To protest, object
Salacious Lustful, bawdy
Salutary Remedial, wholesome
Saturnine Gloomy, dark, sullen, morose
Sententious Aphoristic or moralistic; tending to moralize excessively
Stentorian Extremely loud and powerful
Stygian Gloomy, dark
Sychophant Toady
Tendentious Biased, showing marked tendencies
Vitiate To corrupt, debase, spoil
Voluble Fluent, verbal
Nugatory Trifling
Ludology Game studies
Prestidigitation Slight of hand
Perorate To conclude a speech with a formal recapitulation.
Recapitulate To summarize
Tautology Needless repetition of the same sense in different words
Senescence Growing old, aging
Created by: mangom
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