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Refugee Vocab Wk 1

Refugee Novel Vocab Words

cowered to crouch down in fear
storm troopers A Nazi Soldier
concentration camp a place where large numbers of Jewish people were held as prisoners and mistreated
Kristallnacht the night when German Nazi's destroyed Jewish people's homes and places of work
communist a radical socialist; everything is controlled by the government
rationing the government gives out fixed amounts of items (food, water, money, clothing...)
Arab Spring a series of uprisings and protests against the Arabic Government
Muslim a person that worships the Islamic Religion and Allah
indignation anger provoked by unfair treatment
Hitler Youth group of young German boys that were trained by Adolf Hitler to be Nazis
catatonic being unable to speak and feeling like you are in a daze
Islam religion of the Muslims; monotheistic; pray to Allah
asylum the protection given by a nation to a person who leaves their nation as a refugee
condemned to express complete disapproval of something
Created by: AMMSELA