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Spanish words and phrases

algo something
alguien someone
alguno/a any, a certain one
algunos/as some, a few
cada each (one)
mucho/a much
nadie no one, nobody
nada nothing
todo everything
todos everyone
este/a this
esto (neuter) this
estos/as these
ese/a that
eso (neuter) that
esos/as those
aquel/aquella that
aquellos/aquellas those
me me, to me, for me
nos us, for us, to us
te you, for you, to you
lo, la him, her, you it
los, las them, you
le to/for him/her/you
les to/for them/you
mio/a(s) mine
tuyo/a(s) yours
nuestros/a(s) ours
suyo/a(s) his/hers/theirs
cualquier/a whoever/anyone
varios/as some/several
caliente hot
picante spicy
frio cold
alto/a high/tall
mujer woman
hombre man
nina girl
nino boy
abuela grandma
abuelo grandpa
los abuelos grandparents
los padres parents
padre father
madre mother
hija daughter
hijo son
esposa wife
pero but
perrito puppy
gato cat
gatito kitten
jirafa giraffe
conejo rabbit
mi(s) my
nuestro/a(s) our
tu(s) your
su(s) his, her, your, their, (formal)
esta muchacha this girl
ese perro this dog
perro dog
aquellas mujeres those women
bien well/good (estoy bien=I am good)
muy very
demasiado too (as in you talk too fast)
a to, at
con with
de from, of
desde since, from
en in, on, at
hacia toward, until
por for, by
///////////////// /////////////////
sin without
sobre about, on, over, etc
al (a+el) to the, at the
del (de+el) from the
por for - manner or means, exchange, rate, duration, motivation
para from - destination (para Madrid), intended recipient, deadline, goal, purpose
a, al "the personal A" spanish concept, used after a verb whose direct object is a person.
Veo a me madre. I see my mother.
conocer to know someone
Conozco al padre de mi amigo. I know my friend's father.
y and
o or
con with
y...y both.....and
o...o either... or
dar to give
estar to be
ir to go
saber to know
ser to be
que that
pensar to think
poder to be able (can)
jugar to play a game or sport
sentir to feel
dormir to sleep
servir to serve
pedir to ask for, request
sacar to take
traducir to translate
pagar to pay
escoger to choose
seguir to follow
comenzar to begin
comer to eat
poner to put, to place, or set
pongo I put, I place, I set
salir to go out
salgo I go out
dar to give
doy I give
traer to bring
traigo I bring
caer to fall, to drop
caigo I fall, I drop
soy I am
eres you are, (familiar)
estar to be - temporary sense
estoy I am (as in I am in Spain)
graduar to graduate
enviar to send
duermo I sleep
duermes you sleep (familiar)
duerme he, she sleeps
dormimos we sleep
duermen they sleep
juego I play (a game or sport)
jugamos we play (a game or sport)
juegas you play (a game or sport)
juega he/she plays (a game or sport)
juegan they play (a game or sport)
venir to come
vengo I come
venimos we come
vienes you come
viene he/she comes
vien they come
tener to have
tengo I have
tienes you have
tiene he/she has
tenemos we have
tienen they have
decir to say, to tell
digo I say, I tell
decimos we say, we tell
dices you tell, you say
dicen they say, they tell
dice she/he tells, she/he says
comiendo eating
sacando taking
morir to die
muriendo dying
viniendo coming
diciendo saying, talking
pidiendo asking for, requesting
huyendo fleeing
oyendo hearing
trayendo bringing
leyendo reading
creyendo believing
Quie'n es esa nina? Who's that girl?
Created by: mtooner