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ROOTS Extras

Cred Believe Credit, Incredible
Lib Book; free Library, liberty
Stell Star Stellar, constellation
Tort Twist Torture, contortion
Anim Mind, soul Unanimous, magnanimity
Multi Many Multitude, multiply
Nov New Novelty, novel
Terr Land Terrain, territory
Anthrop Man Misanthrope, anthropology
Aster Star Disaster, astronaut, asterisk
Bio Life Biology, amphibious
Chrono Time Chronic, anachronism, chronicle
Demo People Democracy, epidernic
Graph Write Telegraph, graphic
Philo Loving Bibliophile, Philadelphia
Therme Heat Isotherm, thermometer
Arch Government Leader Monarch, anarchy
Belli War Rebellion, belligerent
Contra Against Contradict, contrary
Derm Skin Epidermis, dermatology
Geo Earth Geography, geometry
Micro Small Microscope, microbe
Omni, pan All Omniscient, omnipotent, Panacea
Phobia Fear Claustrophobia, hydrophobia
Poly Many Polygon, poly syllable
Psych Mind, soul Psyche, psychology
Tele Far Telescope, telegraph
Theo God Atheism, theology
Urb City Urban, suburban
Ambi Both ways Ambidextrous, ambiguous
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