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3kyu Testeroo

I have ________ chocolates. Do you want one? 2、3の~ 1) attack 2) another 3) a couple of 4) across from a couple of
24 hours is _______ 1日につき 1) a day 2) air ticket 3) another 4) a day a day
On no! My car only has _______ gasoline! 少し 1) a little 2) a week 3) an hour 4) across from a little
7 days is _______ . 1週間につき 1) actually 2) as usual 3) another 4) a week a week
"Doraimon" is a manga _______ a robot cat. ~について 1) air ticket 2) as usual 3) as if 4) about about
Rai Rai Tei is _______ Welcia ~の向かいに 1) agree with 2) attack 3) area 4) across from across from
Let's have YakiNiku! _______ I don't like meat. 実際は 1) already 2) actually 3) a day 4) an hour actually
I am _______ war. I think it is very bad! ~に反対して 1) against 2) area 3) area 4) an hour against
I think Mark is right. I _______ him. ~に賛成する 1) agree with 2) anytime 3) attack 4) across from agree with
I want to visit Taiwan. I have to buy an _______ 航空券 1) also 2) air ticket 3) a couple of 4) air ticket air ticket
My friend went home. I have to play _______ 独りで 1) across from 2) air ticket 3) anything else 4) alone alone
I _______ ate dinner. So, I'm not hungry. すでに 1) area 2) already 3) anytime 4) against already
Saizeria has good food. _______, it's very cheap ~もまた 1) also 2) as 3) also 4) a little also
60 minutes is _______ 1時間につき 1) an hour 2) another 3) air ticket 4) agree with an hour
I have 1 cat. But I want _______ 別の 1) against 2) an hour 3) another 4) alone another
Can _______ come to your party? 誰でも 1) actually 2) anyone 3) an hour 4) another anyone
You want a hamburger and potatoes. _______? 何か他のもの 1) against 2) agree with 3) anything else 4) a day anything else
You can come to my house _______ いつでも 1) as usual 2) anyone 3) an hour 4) anytime anytime
I saw cute fish and dolphins in the _______ 水族館 1) against 2) aquarium 3) a day 4) anything else aquarium
The Osaka and Kyoto _______ is called "Kinki" 地域 1) anything else 2) area 3) attack 4) anything else area
I went to a Halloween party _______ Sadako. ~として 1) anything else 2) anytime 3) a little 4) as as
Hawaii is so beautiful. It's _______ it is a movie! まるで~みたいに 1) aquarium 2) anything else 3) as 4) as if as if
_______, he ate curry for dinner. He loves curry! いつもどおりに 1) area 2) as usual 3) an hour 4) attack as usual
She put 3 chocolates in her mouth and ate them all _______ 一度に 1) agree with 2) already 3) at one time 4) a little at one time
Sharks often _______ people in Australia. ~を襲う 1) attack 2) another 3) as if 4) anytime attack
Created by: Cowhead
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