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SPAN 3 Vocab Exam 1

Vocab for first exam on SPAN 3

aceite oil
aderezo dressing
azúcar sugar
especias spices
hierbas herbs
mayonesa mayonnaise
mostaza mustard
perejil parsley
pimienta pepper (seasoning)
sal salt
salsa de tomate tomato sauce
salsa sauce
vainilla vanilla
vinegre vinegar
aguacate avocado
ajo garlic
cebolla onion
cereza cherry
coco coconut
espinaca spinach
fresa strawberry
lechuga lettuce
limón lemon, lime
maíz corn
manzana apple
maracuyá passion fruit
melón melon
naranja orange
papaya papaya
patata/papa potatoe
pepino cucumber
pera pear
pimiento pepper (veg)
piña pineapple
plátano banana
sandia watermelon
tomate tomato
toronja/pomelo grapefruit
uva grape
zanahoria carrot
aves (birds) poultry
bistec steak
camerón/gamba shrimp
carne meat
molida/picada ground meat
de res beef
cerdo pork
chuleta chop
cordero lamb
costilla rib
jamón ham
langosta lobster
mariscos shellfish
pavo turkey
pollo chicken
arroz rice
crema cream
dulce candy/sweets/sweet
espaguetis spaghetti
los frijoles beans
galleta cookie
los garbanzos garbanza beans
hamburguesa hamburger
harina flour
huevos eggs
el producto lácteo dairy
la leche milk
leche de coco coconut milk
las legumbres legumes
las lentejas lentils
manteca lard
mantequilla butter
margarina margarine
mermalada jam
pan bread
pan dulce bun, small cake
el pastel/la tarta cake, pastry
el postre dessert
queso cheese
queso crema cream cheese
refresco soda
vino wine
yogur yogurt
bandeja tray
botella bottle
copa wine glass
cuchara spoon
chucharita teaspoon
cuchillo knife
mantel table cloth
plato plate
sacacorchos corkscrew
servilleta napkin
taza mug, teacup
tenedor fork
vaso drinking glass
adelgazar lose weight
bajarde peso lose weight
agregar add
añadir add
apagar (luz) turn off (light)
batir beat, whisk
calentar heat
cocinar cook
consumir to consume
cortar cut
disfrutar enjoy
echar pour
encender (luz) turn on light
engordar gain weight
sabir de peso gain weight
estar a dieta to be on a diet
evitar avoid
freir to fry
hornear bake, roast
hervir boil
machacar crush
mezclar mix
pelar peel
picar chop
preparar prepare
probar try, taste
recomendar recommend
seguir follow, continue
servir serve
tapar to cover
cubrir to cover
agrio sour
amargo bitter, tart
frito, frita fried
salado salty
la carniceria butcher shop
la fruiteria produce shop
la panaderia bakery
la pescaderia fish shop
la beida drink
bol/tazón bowl
la comida basura, la comida chatarra junk food
desayuno breakfast
dieta diet
ensalada salad
cena dinner
almuerzo lunch
almorzar to have lunch
grasa fat (on food)
el horno oven
lista de compra shopping list
olla pot
peso weight
receta recipe
sándwich sandwich
el/la sartén frying pan
sopa sout
todaviá still, yet
vegetariano (a) vegetarian
los consejos informative tips
decir to tell
hacer to do
ir to go
poner to put
salir to leave
ser to be
tener to have
venir to come
sientate sit down!
después after
más tarde later
esta noche tonight
mañana tomorrow
pasado mañana day after tomorrow
la próxima semana next week
el próximo mes/año next month/next yea
¿adónde? where (used with ir for where to; ie where are you going)
deben should
aprender to learn
todos los dias/meses every day/every month
todos las semanas every week
muchas veces often
a veces sometimes
nunca never
cae bien gets along with/likes the person
cae mal does not get along with/dislikes the person
encantar to like a lot/to love
fascinar to like a lot/to love
interesar to interest/to matter
paracer (zc) to seem
quedar to fit, to have something left
form of gustar to express like of ONE thing gusta/gustó
form of gustar to express like of MULTIPLE things gustan/gustaron
No me gustaron los anillos. I did not like the rings
Me gusta ese collar. I like that necklace.
pelo hair
Created by: 1251298467
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