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Pingry 5th Gr. Vocab

Pingry's fifth grader's vocabulary of the year 2018-2019! AMAZING!

contour an outline
discombobulated confused
disparaging speaking badly of
egotistical selfish
inconspicuous unnoticeable
jargon a specialized speech
malice ill will
posthaste as quickly as possible
reciprocate to do the same in return
unadorned plain
belittling disparaging
bitingly nipping
coalesce to come together
decorum proper behavior
diligence perseverance in carrying out an action
immaculate spotlessly clean
rendezvous to meet
scintillating brilliantly clever
stoic brave
unpretentious modest
adjourn to postpone
arduous difficult
belligerent agressive
bibliophile bookworm
cantankerous bad tempered
emanate to spread, give out
feasible possible to do easily
infinitesimal VERY SMALL
monotony, monotonous boredom, boring
serendipity, serendipitous luck, lucky
camaraderie friendship
dubious doubtful
grotesque unnatural (in appearance)
hodgepodge a random mix
ineptitude lack of skill (or ability)
invigorated filled with life and energy
lumber to walk heavily
thwart to prevent someone from doing something
zenith the highest point
aclarity speed
chagrin embarrassment
chastise to punish
eloquent fluent
eschew to avoid
feign to pretend
irrevocable not changeable
ostensibly apparently
pessimistic sees the worst of things
vermillion a bright red color
aberrant departing from accepted standard
admonish to scold
blatant very obvious
crackerjack exceptionally good
credence belief in the truth of something
defy to refuse to obey
dissuade to persuade against
fatigue extreme tiredness
insubordination disobedience
surreptitious stealthy
abhor to hate
cistern a place for storing water
congenial friendly
conglomeration a mixture
hex spell, curse
leery cautious
peevish cranky
tempestuous wild, stormy
treacherous dangerous
wince to flinch
ambiguous unclear
bequeath to leave property to a person
cacophony a mixture of sounds
cerulean a purplish blue
ermine stoat fur
inertia tending to do nothing
periphery perimeter
rejuvenate to make new again
ruffian a violent person
tentative hesitant
abdicate to re-announce ones throne
abysmal dreadful
buttinsky SHERLOCK HOLMES jk (meddler)
cornucopia in abundant supply of a good thing
exuberant happy, energetic
fraternize to associate with in a friendly way
liquidate to get rid of
lugubrious mournful
wry mocking
accentuate to focus attention on
boisterous noisy
conjure to make appear
egregious very bad
ignominious deserving public shame or humiliation
inauspicious unpromising
inkling hint or idea
insubordinate unconquerable
mar to disfigure
nincompoop a fool
paraphernalia equipment
ramshackle IN a state of severe disrepair
unchivalrous rude or indecent to women
unscrupulous dishonorable
vehemence fervor
Created by: Ra Arra



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