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Roots 1-26

Units 1-26 roots (104)

junct join
tion act or state of
de down
equi equal
dis away
extra beyond
mal bad
mis bad
capit/capt head
sym/syn together, with
sede/cede go
ante before
bi two
anti against
circum around
cide kill
ician specialist, professional
inter between
intra within
intro into
spec look, see, view
cis cut
bio life
pre before
semi half
sub under, below
mater/matri mother
punct point, dot
ject throw
loco place, location
dox belief, opinion
ortho straight, widely accepted
amphi both
super over
com together, with
con together, with
graph writing, recording
photo light
auto self
port carry
trans across
logy science or study of
duct lead
fer across
pend hang
micro small
e/ex out, thoroughly
poly many, multiple
omni all
phon sound
tele far
vid see, view, look
itis inflammation, swelling
audi hear
bell war
cap/cep(t) take
dict say, speak
contra against
cred believe
neo new
mis/mit send
biblio book
centri center
homo same
hypo under
pseudo fake, false
proto first
viv/vit life
mono one, single
chron time
luna moon
gyro turn
son sound
helio sun
stell star
morph shape
pond weigh(t)
corp body
dorm sleep
pater/patri father
nov new
bene good
post after
scrib/script write
tri three
archy government, leadership
magn great
eu good
end(o) within
therm heat, warmth
meter/metr measure
mega large
pop people
sang(ui) blood
struc(t) build
stereo solid
demo people
ism doctrine or belief
cogn know
alter other
sur over, above
astr star
dyn(amo) power
hyper over
Created by: klasker
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