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Tangerine Final

Tangerine Final Assessment

dangerous, threatening (“real gangstas”) menacing
“I looked…at the receding line of black mailboxes….Somewhere behind me a car engine started up…” (p. 2). The mailboxes and car engine are acting as what triggers
burns underground (according to Wayne) muck fire
able to do something; Paul is not and thus, can’t play on the LWMS soccer team eligible
negatively impacted afternoon football practice lightning
a weakened blood vessel (Luis Cruz) aneurysm
to declare legally void (Antoine’s school records) nullify
“I remembered a black metal mailbox on a black metal pole” (p. 2). What is Paul experiencing? flashback
cafeteria and auditorium (LWMS doesn’t have this) cafetorium
Paul’s plan that “disappeared” when he transferred to Tangerine Middle School. IEP
Due to the damage caused by the __________________, Principal Gates shares the emergency relocation plan. sinkhole
a small, easily concealed club-like weapon (Arthur’s weapon) blackjack
Paul realized that he had to blurt out what he knew and what he saw from under the bleachers at Lake Windsor High School. Paul chose to tell Luis that he saw Arthur hit him with a blackjack.
Paul finally found the strength to face and take on Erik, just as Luis had done. Paul chose to finally face his biggest fear – Erik and his sidekick Arthur.
For the first time, Paul felt like a true War Eagle. Paul chose to ride back to Tangerine Middle School on the bus instead of with Mom.
Paul took advantage of the opportunity to attend a different school and play soccer without an IEP. Paul chose to attend Tangerine Middle School.
Paul found the strength within himself to ask questions that needed to be asked, but couldn’t be answered. Rather than think to himself or write in his journal, Paul asked questions aloud to make his point. Paul chose to confront Dad about his typical question that hit him the wrong way.
Paul’s sense of loyalty to Luis, Tino and Tangerine Middle took over as he flew through the air! Paul chose to jump from his seat onto Coach Warner’s back to help Tino “escape” his grip.
Paul knew who did it, and didn’t want the boys from Lake Windsor to be blamed for something they didn’t do. Paul chose to “rat out” the Tangerine Middle School soccer players for vandalizing the Wonders of the World exhibit.
After spending the day working under the hot sun in the tangerine groves, Paul figured it was his chance to clear his conscience once and for all. Paul chose to tell Tino that he was the one who “ratted out” the Tangerine Middle soccer players.
Created by: dviola
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