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Final Exam Review 3

Review vocabulary chapters 1-5

merecer to deserve
el coro choir
orgulloso proud
trabajador hardworking
dar(se) prisa to be in a hurry
la caja box
desarmar to take apart
los lentes glasses
el bigote mustache
vaciar to empty
pelear to fight
el basurero trashcan
hoy en día nowadays
manejar to drive
destruir to destroy
el ladrón thief
matar to kill
lograr to get
tal vez perhaps or maybe
salvar to save
por suerte luckily
el periodismo journalism
agradecer to thank
el clavo nail
el ocio free time
marcar to dial
dar(se) cuenta to realize
la heladería ice cream shop
colgar to hang or to hang up
sonar to ring
devolver to return
la panadería bakery
apoyar to support
tener la culpa to be someone's fault
la esquina corner
la vitrina display window
la fuente fountain
chismear to gossip
llorar to cry
chévere great
hacer(se) miembro to become a member
los gemelos twins
cerca de near
el secador dryer
nadie nobody or no one
Created by: kimberlyclear
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