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Spanish Expressions

Intermediate Spanish phrases and expressions

Si solo pudiera encontrar un trabajo If I could only find a job
Chocolate en lugar de vainilla Chocolate instead of vanilla
Él mas que yo Him more than I
Ella es tan alto como yo She is as tall as me
Ese camión es el doble del tamaño del carro That truck is twice the size of the car
A pesar del mal tiempo Despite the bad weather
Acabo de comer I just ate (I just finished eating)
Hace dos semanas estaba en Puerto Rico Two weeks ago I was in Puerto Rico
Yo no viviré para siempre I won't live forever
Yo no era yo mismo I was not myself
A cambio de un aventón In exchange for a lift
Hazmelo saber Let me know
Tengo nada que ver con eso I have nothing to do with that
Tengo ganas de sushi I feel like sushi (I'm in the mood for sushi)
En cuanto a la política, no me gusta As for politics, I do not like them
Vete Go away (Get out)
A la larga, no podemos ganar In the long run, we can't win
No te enfadas conmigo Don't get mad at me
No te pongas divisiva Don't get defensive
Se nota que tienes hambre I can tell that you're hungry (It shows that you're hungry)
Voy por el parque I'm going by the park
Paso por ti a las ocho I'll pick you up at eight
Mientras tanto, ella fue al mercado Meanwhile, she went to the market
Ven cuanto antes Come as soon as possible
Cuanto más pronto mejor The sooner, the better
Nos dimos cuenta de que no traíamos los boletos We realized we didn't bring the tickets
Este coche lo usa mi padre This car is used by my father
Estoy sediento I'm thirsty
Se me perdió las llaves I lost the keys
No entiendo lo que queres I don't understand what you want
Sigo gustando helado I still like ice cream
A pesar de su inteligencia, es bastante ingenuo Despite his intelligence, he is quite naive
Tengo que dejar de fumar I have to quit smoking
De vez en cuanto Once in a while
Somos parecidos We are alike
Me echaras de menos You will miss me
Me eché a reír I burst out laughing
Sandra echó a perder su camisa Sandra ruined her shirt
Dame la espalda Turn your back to me
Sin querer Unintentionally
Ese carro no está en oferta That car is not on sale
Que quiero decir... What I mean is...
A lo largo de... - along the A lo largo de... - along the
A lo largo de mi vida Throughout my life
A lo largo del borde Along the edge
Se los traje I brought them to him/her/you/them
Created by: Briz
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