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week 2 ch. 12&18

PET is a unique, 3 dimensional tomographic imaging tech. capable of demonstrating what the biochemical function of the body's organs and tissues
PET is similar to nuc. med in what ways that radioactive tracers are adminstered to the patient.
PET scanner itself does'nt produce what radiation
PET primarily uses oxygen, nitrogen, carbon & fluorine
PET tracers have a very short half-lives 2 min to 110 min
Raiation oncology or therapy involves ionizing radiation for treatment of cancer and some benign diseases
2 types of radiation treatments internal and external
internal is brachytherapy
external is teletherapy
internal involves teh insertiion of low intensity radioactive nuclides inside the body placed close to tumor
external involves the spplication of external beam radiation
3 types of external beam radiation xray type units, colbalt-60 gamma rays, & linear accelerators
cobalt-60 emit high energy gamma rays about 1.25mEv
linear have both low and high energy capabilities 4 mEv to as high as 30mEv
what does quality assurance primarily deal with people
quality control ensures instruments and equipment
quality control begins with what imaging systems used to produce the image
what does it end with
typical time for monitoring equipment performance annually
the most important patient protection of imaging system is filtration of x ray beam
filtration is measured in HVL half value layer
the minimum total filtration level for genral purpose rooms is 2.5 mmal
the x ray film must coincide with what the light field
PBL is positive beam limiting
distance and centering must be accurate to what % of the SID with in 2 -1% of the SID
3 tools for measuring focal spot size pin hole camera- star pattern-slit camera
3 types of processor maintenance scheduled-preventative-non scheduled
the efficiency of x ray production increases with increasing kvp
discrete energies of characteristic x rays are characteristic of the differences between electron binding energies in a particular element
the result of added filtration is an increase in energy of beam with accompanying reduction in quantity
compensating filter is a filter that compensates for differences in subject raiopacity
2 compensting filter are a wedge & a trough
inherent filtration is the glass or metal enclosure of an xray tube filters the emitted beam
inherent filtration of a general purpose x ray tube is 0.5 mm Al
an ejected electron from a incident photon is called a photoelecton
in pair production the incident photon interacts with the nuclear force field
coherent scatter is change in the direction of an incident x ray with out a loss of energy
compton effect occurs when incident x rays ionize atoms and teh xray then changes direction with a loss of energy
photoelectric effect occurs when the incident xray is absorbed into one of the inner electron shells and emits a photoelectron
photodisintegration occurs when the incident xray is directly absorbed by the nucleus
Created by: Pruettsgirl
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