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Coordination conjunctions

She went to work, _______ she did not want to go. but
Regina studied a lot, _______ she always did her homework. and
Polar bears are fierce, territorial animals, ________Grizzly bears are the same. and
María told me not to come with her, _________ she looked sad as she was walking away. yet
I will not listen to you____________ share my toys with you again. nor
He loves to drive during the day,_________ he can see well when there is sun. for
My cat was hungry, ____________ it had not eaten since breakfast. for
They couldn’t think of anything better to do, ________ they decided to baby-sit for the family. so
A book can be a lot of fun to read, ________ a book can be boring. or
That movie looks great!, ________I would love to come see it with you, please take me. so
My dad _______ I are going fishing this afternoon. and
That teacher doesn’t have much money, ________ she always seems to have nice things, like new cell phones. but /yet
Either we are going to win, ______ they are going to win. or
I don’t have much time, _____ hurry up! so
He wasn’t a popular king, _____ all the people hated him. for
I want to get there early, ____ we should leave soon. so
It doesn’t matter whether they get the job ___ not. or
We don’t like red, ____ do I like blue. nor
I ran after the cat, _____ could not catch her. but
We played very well, ____ we still lost the game. yet
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