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7. sınıf

study stacks

police station karakol
florist's çiçekçi
butcher's kasap
hairdresser's kuaför
greengrocer manav
post office postane
hospital hastane
chemist's eczane
bakery fırın
boutique butik
department store büyük mağaza
shopping mall alışveriş merkezi
clothes shop kıyafet mağazası
shoe shop ayakkabı mağazası
music store müzik market
patisseire pastane
stamp pul
send a letter mektup göndermek
meet friends arkadaşlarla buluşmak
fruit and vegetables meyve ve sebze
skirt etek
dress elbise
a loaf of bread bir somun ekmek
theatre tiyayro
watch a play oyun izlemek
Mosque Cami
Church Kilise
Circus Sirk
size beden
newsagent gazete bayii
cash nakit para
fire station itfaiye
dictionary sözlük
art gallery sanat galerisi
how much ne kadar
how many kaç tane
municipality belediye
governorship valilik
rubbish collection çöp toplama
trainers spor ayakkabı
jumper kazak
Created by: jaska3110
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