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contributes adds to(your understanding)
mood character's attitude
exemplifies give an example of
develop to grow
universal statement concept that all people in the world can understand
propel move forward
impression capture a feeling
reveal show
relationship connection
impact influence
figurative language to use words in a non-literal way to achieve a certain meaning
tone expression of emotion
establishes creates
protagonist main character
function(of) the job(of)
parallels having the same direction
convey show
form shape, pattern, design
traits feature or quality
shift change
perspective a way of looking at things
differs how something is unlike the others
effect result
affect produce a change in
adaptation change
alter change
apathy not caring one way or another
elements parts
influences actions that cause things to happen
explicitly directly
integral necessary part
technique way of doing something
distinction different quality
structure organization
assumption supposed
conflicting disagreeing
portrayal create a picture with words
relevant important or related to
irrelevant NOT important or related to
stance position
interpretation judgment based on eveidence
contention argument
Created by: Jack Campbell