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Challenge Vocab #8

burnish to polish, shine
circumspect cautious; aware of what's around you
clamor loud noise; to loudly insist
concord harmonious agreement
condolence an expression of sympathy in sorrow
debunk to expose the falseness of something
dour stern, joyless
erudite learned
fetter to chain, restrain
fickle shifting in character, inconstant
fidelity loyalty, devotion
latent hidden, but capable of being exposed
laudatory expressing admiration or praise
maximum a common saying expressing a principle of conduct
portent an omen
quandary a perplexing, bad situation
quell to control or diffuse a potentially explosive situation
surmise to infer with little evidence
zephyr a gentle breeze
polemic an aggressive argument against a specific opinion
Created by: JaidenW