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Unit 7 Review

Human geography is the study of People and their customs
On which continent is The United States located? North America
Natural resources include water, minerals and Agricultural land
What are two types of geography? Physical and human
The Universal Declaration of __________________ guarantees rights to citizens of the world. Human Rights
When you are evaluating a website you should check for objectivity/bias, content and accuracy, authority, and _________________ Currency (how recent is it?)
What should a reader do to verify information on a webpage? Find the same information using another source
Readers should use authoritative works like online databases and ___________ Encyclopedias
Copyright protects an author’s work from being used without _______________. the author's permission
A works cited page lists the _________ a writer refers to in a research paper. works (the sources used for information)
How can you avoid committing plagiarism? Give credit to all research you cite in your paper
What does the website Citation Maker help people create? a works cited page
When you evaluate a website and check for authority, you are looking for whether the website has an author
When you look to see if a website is current, you are looking to see if it has the date of creation or a date for the most recent update
Website bias is when the website has only one viewpoint on the website
Typing a complete question in the search box is NOT a good way to search on the internet
What citation format is used in English classes? MLA--Modern Language Association
If you were researching pine trees in North Carolina, what keywords would you use? Pine trees and North Carolina
According to the text in Question 19 on the Post Assessment, what best demonstrated Mandela’s resistance to anti- apartheid movement? He refused to compromise his political position for freedom.
In what ways was Mandela a champion of human rights? he intensified the battle against oppression . he was dedicated to the goals of freedom and equality
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