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Vocabulary list 6

Carnage Mass slaughter of humans
Effectual Producing,or sufficient to produce, an intended effect
Facile Easily done; with little effort
Fortitude Strength and firmness of mind in the face of pain, adversity, or danger; unyielding courage
Gratuity A small gift given as thanks for service
Implicate To show close incriminating connection, as in a plot or crime; to involve unfavorably
Impotent Powerless to help; weak; lacking strength
Incarnate Invested with flesh, especially in human form
Ingratiate To bring oneself deliberately into the good graces of another, especially by careful attention to the art of pleasing
Sedate Composed and serene; calmly deliberate; settled
Sedition A rebellion against authority
Tentative Subject to change before becoming complete; unfinished